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1:01 PM, Saturday, March 3rd, 2007:
That picture brings tears to my eyes. My relationship with my father is as strong as anyone can have. I guarantee you there were times when the only person even bothering to click on those entries was that man. The only person who believed and believed and believed. And the moment I picked him up Tuesday the respect and love between us was uncompromising. It was a culmination of our entire lives. To say he's proud of me is just such an understatement. We're both so goddamn excited that we can barely contain it. My dad's never been that emotional (that was saved for me apparently), but it was cute to realize that we were both just having the same conversation over and over again because it felt good. It's like watching a favorite movie...we'd go out to eat and just repeat the same conversation about Up & Adam we'd had for 3 weeks - and just smile and reflect.
The thing that he really felt this time though... was how different it feels. I mean we hung out at CBS all day Thursday, the crew and everyone had a big series wrap-up luncheon at Morton's, the next night Tyson's fiancee got us into Real Time with Bill Maher. We were able to get around everyone waiting in line and come in from backstage as I winded him through the whole complex. Afterwards we went to Bill's after-party... all the while intermittent conversations about eveyone's excitement for Up & Adam. From his perspective:  WOW. Even the stage dude from The Price is Right bit was so excited when I told him (he was the stage dude for Bill Maher as well, same stage) that he came back like 15 minutes later and just shook my hand again so proud. My dad just looked at me like... "Jesus Adam." It made me feel so good, 'cause I knew what he was sensing: that everyone around me is genuinely happy for me - which means I've been good to them. I've treated them with respect, I've earned their respect in return and that just has to be a proud moment for any father in any situation. Through his eyes, I saw just, how, big, this would be.
As all trips, this was too short - but I'm flying him to NY next week to continue the "celebration" and he'll be able to see me introduce the winner on The Early Show. Jesus, how fun is this. Ha! As I type it I can't even believe how much things have changed in the past 6 months. Can you imagine what the next 6 months are gonna bring? Man it makes me dizzy.
So the Kontras' boys had some fun this week. Watched some movies, ate some pizza, and reflected on a wondrous story about hope, perserverance and a bit of luck. Here's to the continuation in New York and the adventure that's soon to begin.
There's no turning back now....
PS - the "Like Son, Like Father" title is not a reference meaning I'm better or that my dad somehow takes after me. LOL. It was in relation to the video of both of us screwing up our announcer lines. Heh. I just happened to screw them up first, therefore: Like Son, Like Father. Just want to clear that up. :-)