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12:01 AM, Monday, February 26th, 2007:
You never want to admit to "phoning it in". In fact, that's probably why I'm locking this more than anything. LOL. This is not one of the better episodes. That's what happens when you tease the season finale for 6 weeks. It starts to drag. A wee-bit pre-mature on that.
Anyway, the show isn't horrible by any stretch - in fact it's pretty damn cool to me how we can dress Dewey up like Gary, even give him the exact same beard...and it still looks nothing like him. It's quite amazing.
But more than anything, there's just nothing to say here. I had to wear Simon's glasses as I couldn't find Cameron's. Yup. Yup I did. I used old footage of Gary from Week 11 so that saved us about 90 minutes. No Adam this week as I did that last week. ZZZZ bored yet?
I hate to act nonchalant, but the bomb dropped on me on the 10th will resonate the rest of my life. It will be quite some time before I can truly focus with any passion on tasks other than "Up & Adam"
And thankfully my dad is coming tomorrow and will be part of the last show. It'll be a new jolt of energy for a bit that has certainly run it's course. Someday I will look back on all these episodes and spend an hour watching them all...just shaking my head at what they lead to. That day will be in the future however, as I'm just DYING to move on.
One more show. The big-boy. Oh and we're probably not getting Barker. Unbelieveably nobody can get to him? We keep getting the same assistant who says no. Jodi, the make-up lady is our last hope. We'll see this week.