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12:01 AM, Monday, February 19th, 2007:
Spencer: the Wannabe SuperModel. :-)
And believe it or not we're to the final picks for the boys, and no, Gary still hasn't selected one viewer's choice. He's still fighting Adam's "Crooked X" selection as he feels he was unfairly terminated, but it's currently falling on deaf ears.
It's funny, what seemed to be a pretty "light" entry (since there were no Egos switching places) came up with some of the bigger laughs of 'em all. The Woodstock line still makes me giggle and Spencer's "Home Down" line is quite endearing. I really love these characters. They're like old friends.
I really like how the voter's picks molded the entire storyline as I never would've thought to have Gary be the loser of the bunch. It is funny since he's such a hardass. Anyway, I'm really skirting the real storyline.
Of course, this is the first time I've been back to CBS since the unbelieveable news on Saturday that the head of late night wants to put me on after Ferguson. I was most excited about telling Tyson as he would MOST DEFINITELY be my make-up guy for the show if I have any say in it. He's literally invented techniques to pull off these characters and I absolutely need him for this show.
I held off on telling the crew as I just didn't want it spread around and then get back to NY that it's somehow a done deal. Nothing is ever 100% no matter how concrete this seems. Of course what I wasn't expecting was that they would actually remember I had that Saturday meeting (Nanci actually came in last Thursday and we talked about it in front of the crew). Then they're saying: "So what happened? They puttin' you on TV?" I tried to be cool, but oddly enough another staffer jumped in and they kept "guessing". I finally just asked them to keep it under wraps, and told 'em. The coolest part? Most of them expected it. Simon was blown away, but everyone else just shook their head like: "Yup, we saw that comin'." ?!?!?!? It was actually the biggest compliment of the day for me. When I told the head of make-up? She gave me a high five and just said:  "I knew it". Blown away by these responses. They were all so sure!! How amazing.
We went to lunch together and I was just on top of the world. The feeling is honestly, indescribeable. It's validation for my whole damn life. I just want to bring everyone on-board with me and celebrate forever. You bought my CD? You're on the staff. Listened to The Late Show on WTVN? You're on staff. Let's have the biggest party of all-time celebrating years of sturggling. That lunch (my favorite, sushi) just felt wondrous. Everyone was in a great mood. I was so proud that the budget for my little show could pay for these guys to have a lunch. Although we did sweat a bit afterwards thinking the bill was gonna be ridiculous. (it wasn't)
And I hope that comes across in the show, I love the team atmosphere of the crew. Contrary to popular belief, I don't do The Egos because I don't like working with others... it just worked out that way. I try to include them every time I can and do everything I can to make it fun for them. Never more obvious than at the end of this episode...
...LOL. As I wrote it I just smiled because I knew they'd have a ball with this. Simon jumped out of his seat to volunteer for this role. Heh.
So, I'm just on top of the world. Never been happier, blah blah blah - broken record. I'm so anxious to get to NY and blow them away with my ideas for the show I am barely sleeping. Of course all my preperation is on top of writing, shooting, and editing these shows. I'm whooped. It's certainly become a countdown to the end because what awaits... whew. Mind blowing.