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1:37 AM, Wednesday, February 14th, 2007:
Part of me hoped this day would never come, although in pushing my career I sealed the fate...
After 625 entries, "The Journey" is literally going to cease to exist for the forseeable future. Oh you'll still see entries go up, enticing pictures and titles, even cryptic movies that if I were in your shoes would make me rip my hair out, but it could literally be months before they're ever unlocked. And if everything goes the way it seems to be going...the moment they're unlocked would mark the abrupt end of the journal completely. It is just a surreal moment for this project and my feelings are quite schizophrenic. I am deeply sorry to those who followed so closely for so long, but my hands are more than tied here.
The explanation I can give is that a monumental (historically unprecedented even) career opportunity was presented to me on Saturday and it is going to occupy every thought, action, and unfortunately every entry that I write from this point on. I'll be able to do the Living Room Live entries, but literally every single entry other than that will be locked. So basically, in a couple weeks - the whole site will be locked. I've been able to tell close friends and family and am now focusing completely on my next meeting which will be in NY in a couple of weeks...and of course, it'll all be locked. (sigh)
What I can tell you is that the specifics are somewhat inconsequential to anyone following this. Just imagine the biggest opportunity that I never saw coming. If you heard it you would literally say "You are fucking joking." Let that sink in for a bit...
...and think about "The Journey" as a whole. About the 6 1/2 years of absolute turmoil and anonymity, and then the extraordinary rise in the last 6 months culminating in the opportunity of a lifetime. It is a wonderful story, and one I can barely comprehend.
Christ, I'm realizing that this may be the last substantial entry (no offense to the episode entries, but there's not a lot of meat there) ever read. I'm of course gonna continue writing just out of respect for the story - but for you guys... ugh. This is really hard. And man when there's been so much to read! I CAN'T IMAGINE! How shitty to follow bullshit for so long and then the second it gets good you can't read anything. DAHHH. I guess now's a good time to catch-up on your backstory reading? LOL. Who am I kidding. Heh.
Well I don't know what else I can say, I'm gonna open the boards to comments because I really want to hear your thoughts on all this. Of course to anyone who I've told, please be generic. Call it the "incredible break" or "great opportunity" - and those who don't know, please don't guess. Just send me a cyberspace high-five and rest assured that in a couple months you'll be blown away. Thank you so much for your continued interest for over 7 years. This project has gotten me through the toughest moments of my life and knowing someone was following along helped so much. I hope I inspired you guys to dream big because I'm living proof that it's possible. Hell you've even got an emotional roadmap preparing you for how crazy you'll feel along the way...
...but it won't prepare you for what it feels like if you actually get somewhere.
It's indescribable.