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12:40 AM, Monday, February 12th, 2007:
10 down, 3 to go...
Maybe the happiest day of Spencer's life. LOL. And for the first time since the live Trinitron shows I felt uncomfortable watching tape of myself as Spencer. I don't remember being so... SPENCER as I was doing it. I just thought to myself, "OK, I'm SPencer" and never even thought how to react, I just got really excited at the prospect of co-hosting with... Adam
This is just a psychiatrist's field day. But how cute was Spence when he heard the secret? LOL. So genuine.
...and this was literally a few hours previous. God that blows me away. That just doesn't look like a character to me. That looks like a hardass. It just does, no ifs, ands, or buts. It's why he'll work so well on the... DAMN this entry isn't locked. Can't say anything.
This is gonna be tough. LOL.
Anyway, Gary looked particularly badass today and I owe it all to Tyson who just has this character down. You realize he paints in my scalp to give the impression of cornrows? Brilliant.
Of course the other big news in this entry is that Dewey is now the 3rd Ego to sit in the big chair. Of course this was Cameron's way of making up to him so he didn't come around the corner and zap him. Dewey of course was well...Dewey. Nice to finally spotlight him. He really is a loveable character. I always thought in the live show I, as Live Adam, could do something really mean and could make the audience feel sorry enough for him to actually cry. It's feasible when there's one story every 2 years, has a bit more finality. Little harder on a weekly basis, but it could be done.
One of the funnier episodes of the run so far, but this episode will forever remind me of the news I got on Saturday as it delayed the edit of this episode so much I was actually late uploading it. In my life, I have never had a harder time trying to focus. It was every ounce of mental toughness to get this done. I mean we had an afternoon shoot so I already lost Thursday, I did barely anything on Friday because of the other subplot in my life, Saturday was the meeting... I have no clue how I pulled this off. There's edits I hate, the audio is a mess...
...but it's still one of the funnier episodes. Crazy how that works. Also karma for the short week last week. Heh. Because of the Anna Nicole story breaking and general apathy of the crew towards rushing our butts off like last week the shoot didn't end until 11:05, starting at 3 PM. That's the longest it's ever taken. Granted, it was one of the more complicated ones as 2 characters had 2 locations on top of the other 3, but still - we were draggin' by the end. I got home at midnight after I was all cleaned up and just collapsed.
Funny, that's how I still feel. What an enormous weekend this has been.
Final 3 contestants and hopefully Bob next week!
Oh yeah, hold the phone. LOL. I forgot to mention that in all the other excitement. Jim decided it was best to go through the proper channels since we have a little time and after going through the assistant, the finished bit is with Bob's producer. We should know any time now if we can pull it off this Thursday with him.
Keep those fingers crossed.