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11:12 PM, Sunday, February 11th, 2007:
I thought I was exhausted yesterday. Are you kidding? My cell battery ran out 5 times. 5 times in a 24 hour period and some of the time it was plugged in. I took my "speedwalking" to a level I didn't know was possible. I literally speed walked for 10 hours yesterday and another 6 hours today. Calling everyone and telling them this news was one of the most rewarding and completely mind-blowing experiences I've ever known. As I said in the last entry, anyone who makes this jump thinks about what it'll be like to call home and tell their family the good news. So few ever get the chance at truly good news like this, and how fun was it to call my friends and family and hear genuine shock. I have to single out 3 reactions that just made me laugh my ass off...
"You will TOTALLY fuck up that vet clinic now." - GenuineChris from the boards.
"Do you realize you are one of less than fifty people in the history of mankind who could even make the phone call you just made to me?" - Mr. Tony Pazelt.


The last one being the cutest, because my mother was trying so hard to say something and she stumbled, stuttered, stammered and finally just said "fuck". Hahahaha, I'm still laughing now as I type it. It's just too much to take in. Your body just throws shit out. Your head can't form sentences. It's awesome.
It was fun comparing everything. What I wouldn't give to have every first minute of the conversations saved because it was really interesting how people literally had gut reactions because they've come to expect almost anything from me these days...but they weren't expecting that. I mean I really think Charlotte didn't believe me. Had I not said Vinny Favale first, it would've taken her a good minute of prodding. As it stood, she thought I was fuckin' with her for about 15 seconds and then realized I didn't know who the hell Vinny was so I had to be telling the truth.
And let me just say, thank GOD Vinny named the show. Those 3 words, Up & Adam, were the only things that made me realize I wasn't full of shit. It was just like last September! When I got the call from Tammy they wanted to fly me out, and once I started repeating it to people I was certain I had heard wrong and I was somehow exagerrating? Seriously, every time I hung up the phone I would remember what I just said to someone and even I couldn't believe it anymore. Then I'd remember, no - Vinny, the VP of late night on CBS thought of the idea, not me, and he named the show Up & Adam, I never thought of that... whew. OK. I'm not full of shit.
What was funny was calling people was literally just throwing a ball in the air. Almost without fail the ball would come down, and there'd be the callback from the same person when it actually hit them. So I was being quite the daredevil just dialing and dialing and dialing. Wow, that's an outdated phrase now. Hmmm. Anyway, the second calls were even funnier. "Do you understand what this means!?!" "Oh my GOD, do you realize with your strengths what you can do on a talk show?!" And of course it was hitting me... from the parody songs, to the political cartoons, to the characters, to the interviewing skills - I mean look at this site for crying out loud. I just go and go and go. And what a great forum, every night, to just throw shit at the wall. Constantly. Bit after bit after bit... It's my dream job. It's literally my dream job.
And of course as the title says, THANK GOD this happened on the weekend. Can you imagine? I used my 1000 minutes in 2 days. LOL. WHEW. Heh, that's funny now that I think of it. I bet my cell phone bill isn't gonna be much of an issue in the future. Christ am I about to have my environment changed forever. I hope I can chronicle what this is like.
Alright, another exhausted day. Enjoy the behind the scenes video, I figured it was a nice little entry that I could sneak those on since there's never any space on this site anymore. What a head-shaker that is. I cannot believe how much is happening right now.
What will tomorrow bring. LOL.
...OH YEAH! Barker! Still haven't heard about that! As if I didn't have enough to look forward to!