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12:01 AM, Tuesday, February 6th, 2007:
Number 9, Number 9...
Ya had to know things were gonna get a little weird for number 9. Well you didn't actually, because it never crossed my mind until just now - but hey, lookee there: I get to make an allusion to Revolution #9 in an entry... and that makes all the difference.
So yes, we're all being conned, and conned poorly. Cam is desperate to keep the group together and has no choice but to animate and loop sound over Spencer and Dewey since they won't return his calls.
You may remember that they quit last week because of Cam's itchy trigger-finger on Adam (not knowing that he was just trying to appease Gary in order to get on "the set"). What a tangled web we weave, once we practice to deceive...
It's tough being the self-annointed leader of the group. You get into a mess and it's all downhill. Wow, how true THAT is. LOL. Didn't mean to get political, but hey... it is what it is. And of course who am I kidding, if I didn't mean to get political...would I have done this:
Ohhhhh - so SUE me. I couldn't help it. In case you can't see the video, Gary mentions that Spence and Dewey look like political cartoons, except worse because Cameron sucks at animating. Cam starts to reply and thinks better of it...but not without me throwing in a few seconds of "Let's Bomb Iran" in a TV behind him.
I know, I have to stay neutral but to the followers of The Journey, I thought you'd like the little allusion to the cartoon I made last year. One that I think may be springing up again as tensions arise with Iran. I'll have some judgement calls to make for sure.
So back to the story (I love that eybrow - LOL), Cam tries desperately to make the animation work to no avail. Then Gary says to use old footage a la Kung Fu movies which is even more of a disaster (but funnier). What we're left with is Cam slipping and sliding all over what's left of his reputation until finally he gets through the 3 selections.
Then of course we set-up what should be quite amusing next week with Spencer hosting alongside Adam, and Dewey taking over Cam's role. It's gonna be a long shoot next week...
...not so much this week. LOL.
Although unintentionally, I made everybody's day because we didn't need to shoot Dewey or Spencer this week. I can't even repeat how early we finished shooting - lol. We all went out to breakfast and had a ball. I really love hanging out with the crew. Assuming there isn't another run of 13 weeks, I'm really gonna miss this atmosphere. I love the fact that some random choices I made in my life lead to all these guys eating eggs and pancakes on the Egos' budget and hanging out in the plush screening room at CBS.
Oh yes the screening room! 2nd time we've been able to use this room for the green screen. It's perfect. Completely quiet, totally comfortable for the crew. It's days like this that you giggle at this being your "job".

Ha... lovin' the "Gary's Masterpiece Theater" feel. I don't sit during the show, but we were a bit early in make-up (Tyson's getting lightening fast) so I pulled up chair as Donna snapped some shots. Chad's camera was a pretty kick-ass purchase a year ago...
And so it was, Week 9 of Living Room Live. I can't believe there's only 2 more rounds of new contestants! Then the 3rd finalists round and the ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN! The big 10 minute episode that may include a special guest-star on top of the whole Price is Right bit (which also may include a special guest!!). Can you HANDLE IT?
Yeah, probably.