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6:27 PM, Sunday, February 4th, 2007:
Hard to ignore this. I do have a tendency on this website to romanticize my life, but the symbolism here is just too much. When you've only ever rooted for one college football and one professional football team your entire life and they just happen to identically mirror your ascension into...something, ya gotta take note.
The first entry in September was the phone call from CBS and it was also the beginning of both the Buckeyes season and the Bears season. As the miraculous month in New York unfolded, both teams remained undefeated and I even mentioned the Bears' miraculous win against Arizona and paralelled it to my day on The Sopranos' set. Amazingly, and astronomically, both teams got to the championship. It was by all means my year and my career seemed to follow their fates to the T.
Then we get to the championship game. In both games, unbelieveably, for the first time in the history of either game, my team returned the opening kickoff for a 90+ yard touchdown...
 ...and then blew the game.
Now I believe only sports fans can appreciate the odds against that happening at all, let alone the only 2 teams I've ever rooted for in my life. Match that with my career sky-rocketing at the exact moment of each team starting their seasons... it's just the definition of a "head-shaker".
Of course, I believe this is where my career and the eerie similarities will end and I will do what these two teams couldn't. Tomorrow morning I present the finished Price is Right bit to Bob Barker and hopefully convince him to be in the bit which we've already scheduled to shoot this Thursday afternoon. That completed bit will not only be the season finale for Living Room Live but will be the centerpiece for all future sit-com pitches showing without a doubt that I can play 5 seperate characters in a sit-com like atmosphere and convince you they're seperate people with ease. As I've mentioned before, seeing it play out on that set adds so much credibility to what I'm doing...you just couldn't ask for a better presentation piece during a pitch.
That is what I believe. That is what I control. The romantic in me however cannot believe the other shit though. LOL. Hopefully it's a funny footnote when this year is over...
...hold your breath.