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9:58 AM, Monday, January 29th, 2007:
What a fun job. Seriously, when you forget all the other career goals and all the plans and schemes you may have and just look at everything... this is pretty much my dream job. I get to write it, direct it, perform it and edit it all together exactly the way it is in my head. This is probably the highest level I'd be able to do all of that with and I'm enjoying the crap out of it.
This will be a quick entry as I've only got video stills for ya (Donna wasn't feelin' too well), and because I am far behind on my Price is Right edit. The shots took so friggin' long this weekend and I'm not even close. I was suposed to present it to Bob today and it looks like everything will be pushed back a week. Some complicated stuff in that bit for sure.
Anyway - this was a lightening fast shoot. We were actually done in less than 5 hours.
The reason? Everyone quits. LOL. Trying to win favor with Gary to get on "The Set", Cameron lets Adam go almost immediately... angering Spencer into quitting and eventually Dewey. Cam's left by himself to announce the last finalist and now stuck with probably only 1 ego next week. What one man will do to get on that set huh? Yeah, you guessed it, I'm gonna be teasing the HELL out of the season finale each week. Sheee... ooot.
I love the fact that I can trim my beard a little different, comb my hair back, and suddenly look completely out of place even wearing the exact same clothing. It's what really gives me hope for the future sit-com pitches. There's just so much potential for subtlety...
One little thing I did get to add that I'm just immensely proud of is the little "Techinical Difficulty" stills at the end. Thanks to Google I was able to find the old CBS stills as well as the CBS announcer from the early 80s announcing there were difficulties and asking everyone to stand by.

I must admit, I do miss the 80s. There's an analog-ness to it that was quite endearing. Funny coming from a guy whose every concept is digital to an EXTREME, but I love the nostalgia in these pictures. Simpler times. Imagine what would happen today if they ever put a still on-screen with elevator music?
Of course now I go back to the complex and arduous world of frame-by-frame roto-work on the Price is Right bit. Realize it's also the most exciting project I've ever worked on. I smile as the frames go by because as long as it's taking, it's really over in moments. All depends on how you look at it...
...and I sure like lookin' at it.