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9:45 PM, Wednesday, January 17th, 2007:
It was one of those things that only an Adam in "Swagger mode" could have done. That's really what 2006 handed me. A big bowl of swagger. A big portion of "why the hell not?". Mr. Realist looked at his overall position in life and said: "I'm ready for this, let's just see how far we can go?"
It can go very, very far. Tomorrow I'm shooting an entire Egos episode on...


Jim, I can't believe it...but a goofy little email a month ago has turned into one of the coolest things I may ever do in my life. I'm shaking my head as I type this. Tomorrow, all day long, I will shoot all 5 Egos with a half a dozen cameras, all but 1 locked down to allow for 2-4 way split screens... on the Price is Right set. To top it off, I wrote in Bob Barker at the end to basically tell me off and have me leave his set which we all snuck onto when we thought no one was looking...
Are you kidding me? This email on December 11th:
SUBJ: I'm gonna put this out here now...
...because it may take 11 more weeks to make it happen - BUT:
4 Egos bidding on an item on The Price is Right Set. When they shoot
the show, that morning, it's set-up and empty for hours. I noticed it
walking around waiting for Tyson to get there last time. We wouldn't
have to do it all in one day either - we could do one character a week
or something...
I know this seems ridiculous, but it would be an AWESOME finale /
clincher for the last episode and would blow NY away...
...matched with Jim's determination - and finally the producer, Roger Dobkowitz, liking the Egos bit adds up to us shooting, not just contestant's row - but the wheel, the showcase showdown, all the lighting and stuff for the ENTIRE day, luckily because Bob is on a press tour this week and Thursday (our shooting day as well as Price is Right's shooting day) is completely open. #%^&#^&!@
Are you KIDDING me. I mean has anyone done this? I mean for all intents and purposes it's a short film on the set of The Price is Right! I've never even seen a TV show other than a news program be able to get that access... and if we get Bob to pull off the end? !?!?!? Talk about lending credibility to my characters? $#^*&%&@~!. That's an understatement. With the amount of press Bob leaving the show in a couple months will garner...the timing of this just couldn't be more perfect. This has the chance to be gigantic. And personally? Oh come on. Heh, come on down actually... but COME ON. I would venture to say there are many people whose careers are much further along than mine, that would give ANYTHING to be in my shoes tomorrow to shoot this piece. This is just awesome. I just finished the script, it's a perfect little 4-5 minute romp around the set as all of Egos go from one thing to the next together and apart...I am beside myself! I have GOT to get some sleep...not that it will matter. Adrenaline will get me through this day without a doubt.
Now, to prepare, I lifted some stills from the broadcast and printed them up and they'll allow us to hit EVERY single angle - dead-on. I'm gonna be the perfectionist I always am, and we're gonna nail this. We are going to NAIL it.
Must sleep. I just had to let you guys know. I am living in a dream. The only limit is my imagination. What an unbelieveable feeling that is. Just...
...sorry, I have to use it again: Incomprehensible.
PS - Ironically, last week I had DEWEY go up to the wheel and be in awe. I figured it was the closest I'd ever get. Ha! And of course Kenny's Birthday song is just so classic now showing how sneaky I had to be just to get close to it... This is too much man.