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12:01 AM, Monday, January 15th, 2007:
Donna was able to hang out once again and this time focused a bit more on wider shots. I'm a bit of a behind the scenes nut and just love "Set" shots. Also, I've been on the crew side of things and they're often the heart and soul of a production so it's necessary to show it. Besides, I get bored with the spotlight on the talent all the time...even if it's me. :-)
You all met Hunter in Week 3 during the Cameron/Gary split-screen. He's been with us the whole way.

The tall guy is Les (who was to fill in for Hunter during Week 4 before the cancellation) and he had to come back to give me grief about the Ohio State loss. Both he and Hunter are from Florida and had quite a fun time today. There were signs printed and happily stuck around the set. Apparently other guys in the newsroom were Florida fans and happy to help out. I was torn really, I thought it was all really funny (hell I wrote them screwin' with me into the script), but it was also a pretty embarrassing loss. There was nothing I could say in defense of that debacle.

...but I did think it was cool they took the time to screw with me. I gotta say man, the set is so fun. I think everyone can sense that I'm really happy to be there, really excited about everything, and honestly - just sincerely enjoying myself. How could I not be?
And makin' fun of me was the natural progression of the story. It's easy for me to putmy "writer's cap" on and go: "Duh... they should razz anyone so pompous to promote a football team in his TV show". I knew immediately as the game was over: Gotta include that.
The man getting ready to throw Brutus the Buckeye is Simon who has been filling in for Jim who was on vacation. Jim was back this week but completely swamped with the Golden Globes so Simon jumped in again. As gigs go, I think everyone can spot an easy day when it presents itself...

...and of course I had Simon make a cameo as "newsroom employee". LOL. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but it's so cool to be using an actual newsroom with people just randomly walking in and out. It's just really a great atmosphere.
The show itself introduced a new element...actually seeing 2 Egos full-screen in isolated close-ups. Nice to finally show them up close seeing as we go through so much to make them look believeable.

Man, it has to be clear to anyone watching: these characters are SCREAMING for more. I keep trying to literally push them outside of the box. Every week I'm trying to make it more complicated.
...now if only I had stand-ins. Man, would that open this up like crazy. Perfect stand-ins and fast edits? Whew. These 4 characters would become complete seperate entities. I'm blurring the lines now, but you could literally erase the lines. And I think even moreso than something like "The Klumps" because those characters are soooo caricaturish. There's a subtlety with The Egos that I think can really help you suspend your disbelief...
...that and incredible make-up. Tyson is really amazing. Instead of those horrific latex jobbies over the eyebrows, a little thinning, some gluey stuff, some waxy stuff, and some color stuff - it works beautifully. He really creates a believeable line and it's what makes Spencer work more than anything...

...OK the eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, powder and overall GLOW helps too... but the eyebrows are the clincher. ;-)

And yes I did indeed get to see my all-time favorite game be rolled onto the set and had to have my picture taken with PLINKO! Donna thinks I'm absolutely insane. She thinks it's my own personal obsession with this show, and that no one else cares. (sigh) IT'S THE PRICE IS RIGHT man. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE IT!?!?!?! Well if you grew up in South Africa and never saw it, it by all means is a pretty stupid show. But as a kid, it just never got better than that show. That's a pretty sad state of affairs I guess.
We had to shoot the green screen stuff in the crew lounge again, which is just a pain. Besides people getting coffee in the middle - they warm-up the Price is Right crowd right outside the door and it's ruined many a shot. Jesus, what's wrong with those people. It's just a game show!!!
Anyway, enjoy the show. I must admit, this is my favorite one to date. I think it has some of the biggest laughs I may ever get from such a clean show, and even after seeing it 30 times throughout editing it I still laugh at some of the reactions.
There really is nothing funnier to me than Gary looking stupid. I can't put my finger on it, but it just always works. He tries so hard to be cool and just...isn't. He can pose every now and then, but he always goes too far and ends up getting laughed at. Such a fun character to write for.
Oh, and be on the lookout for a very special announcement regarding a shooting location for this upcoming Thursday. It'll actually end up being for the season finale in a little over a month, but it may be shot this week. It's pretty amazing...
...as is my entire life these days. ;-)