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12:38 AM, Wednesday, January 10th, 2007:
January 10th has officially become the "Jesus Christ I've been at this a long time" day of the year. Long-time followers will know the very first Journey song ever was my brother Kenny's 10th birthday video. Which means, yes - Kenny was 9 when I came out here.
Kenny is 17 today...
...and Adam is curious as to how long he can continue to sing happy birthday to Mr. Kontras in new and unique ways. So far the streak is safe at 8 because I pulled off a DOOZY.
Oh hells yes. I was able to sneak onto the set before they started the show, and run around while singing his song. My heart was racing because I certainly wasn't supposed to be there and I most certainly wasn't to be taping there... but hell after Tony Soprano stared me down, I dare Bob Barker to dissuade me. Expect a few more goofy videos from the set while getting yelled at by some security guard. It's just so friggin' cool to work at CBS sometimes I can barely stand it.
But alas, Kenny is a year away from 18 and I dare say I just can't comprehend it anymore. Every year will now make me shake my head and remember where I was at his age. I gotta admit...I was me by that point. I was writing music, doing theatre, dreaming of the entertainment industry. When I think about 17 I don't think of me as a kid at all. I already had goals set and was seeing them through. Hell within the next 2 years I would be on WTVN, have the infamous park bench proposal... I really believe you're who you're gonna be by 16. Of course you can change, but at the heart of it - you're you.
Kenny is in many respects the same way. In fact, he can probably say the same by 12. He was gonna build, re-build, work on, collect, pimp-out, live, eat and breath cars and he never let you forget it. It's what he does, it's what he rocks at, and as a certain wannabe gangsta would say:  "Y'all betta recognize dawg."
Speaking of Gary, that's the character I was in when I pulled off the song. All apologies Kenny for the lack of super lyrics, but I was literally making them up on the spot and was trying desperately not to be seen. Heh. I sure hope you know how cool The Price is Right is. Our cousin Andrea would give up 4 fingers to be on that set.
Hmmm...I wonder which 4 I would choose. I guess if I had to the index and ring finger on both hands. You could probably pull off most everything with every other finger. Guitar would suck though.
ANYWAY. Happy birthday K-Dog! The tradition lives!!!
PS - Can't even comment on the game folks. Hell, can't even be sad. It actually got funny at one point. I actually thought for a moment that Troy was throwing the game. Some of those sacks were so easily avoided by throwing the ball away...I can't even understand it. What a night. Expect some ribbing on the next Egos show from my crew...2 of whom are from Florida. ;-)