12:01 AM, Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007:
As always:
As usual, if you haven't watched the video yet, stop now. These pics give it all away. See up there, Cameron invades Adam's hosting gig! The sibling rivalry begins!
As you can see, Gary is still in Spencer's room from last week as Spencer is in Gary's. Both have made some rather drastic changes. LOL. Nothing like Princess Diana next to Tupac eh? Gotta love it. The great thing about this episode, is Gary doesn't say a word. And why? He has no finalist. He has to sit there while the other 2 get the spotlight, and Spencer (his favorite) gets twice as much.
Yes, the 4tvs magic continues in week 4. Lines being blurred and all sorts of craziness ensuing. Ya see, since Spencer was able to pick 2 of the 3 winners, Cameron clones Spencer and has him walk in front of Gary for the entire episode. As you can see, Gary is none too pleased about this. For weeks now he is the butt of every joke, and has yet to pick a winner.
Look at that pic!!! Bet you never thought you'd see THAT in an Egos show! Anyway, Gary paces between all the monitors behind the action as Dewey and the two Spencers spotlight the finalists. We get to see a little more of each contestant and it's a nice celebration of what they've accomplished so far! I've been looking forward to this episode the entire competition. :-)
Of course at some point Gary's ego just can't take it. He decides he's gonna go back to his room, re-arrange a couple things (can't tell you how hard that was to do in After Effects)..and then at the last moment he pulls out his trusty keyboard and ZAP! Away goes Spencer...but the original! Now we're left with the clone, who is quite offended at being called anything but #1. Frustrated, Cameron just figures what does it matter, and the episode ends... at least everyone is in the right monitor for Week 5.
Then unbelieveably, as Adam is signing off for the show - a naked woman streaks across the camera. Who could've seen that coming?
Adam was shocked to say the least. But that smile shows he wasn't too offended. ;-) Thank GOD we got it on tape, no one would've believed me!
What you've just experienced is me being a bit of a baby. They decided to postpone taping an Adam & The Egos show because they were spread too thin on account of the holidays. No big deal, they did this for Christmas week as well, but strangely they've decided to cancel the episode, still do the finalists round on TV, and never make up this show. Not sure why, as no one could explain it to me but, c'est la vie. Unfortunately I had already done the script and found out the day before the shoot that it was cancelled.
I have no other explanation honestly. Maybe they didn't want to extend the competition another week...I really haven't a clue - but unfortunately the first round of finalists won't get spotlighted. So all I got for you is the script. Because it's an on-going story, I wanted to at least spotlight that so you could follow along. Click that script picture to the right for the full version. Seeing double Spencers flirting with themselves is quite a trip and I'm pretty sure you guys can imagine everything as you know the ebb and flow from the first 3 episodes. Next week I'm told we'll go right back to our normal schedule and start with the next 3 contestants.
Hope I at least made ya giggle. ;-)