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11:55 PM, Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009:
Exactly 10 years ago today I wrote an email to everyone telling them there was a location change for my last show. Amazingly I'm doing the same thing now. The Journey show is now at The Continent, Saturday January 2nd, 2010 at 7:30pm. However, the story leading up to that change is one that will be part of Journey lore forever...
So my mother got me this print in 1997 after a particularly difficult year...
Crisis & Opportunity - Opportunity is always present in the midst of crisis
The Chinese word for crisis carries two elements, danger and opportunity. No matter the difficulty of the circumstances, no matter how dangerous the situation, ... at the heart of each crisis lies a tremendous opportunity. Great Blessings lie ahead for the one who knows the secret of finding opportunity within each crisis.
Always lived like this, I really believe it's either in you or not. It's my one constant: take every single crisis or bad situation and jump even bigger to turn that one bad situation into something good. The Lemonade Life as my biography will be entitled. :-)
However, I'm not sure I've ever seen it work out this well or require so little effort on my part. Simply put an absolutely crushing crisis has turned into a nearly euphoric opportunity that I'm barely processing. I think it will redefine all of 2010. No exagerration.
So when I went to load my footage of my WTVN interview, my HD Camera simply told me "remove the tape". Cleaning the heads didn't work, and the tape worked fine in my other camera (which can't load footage due to a bad firwire port). No tapes worked in the bad camera and after literally hours I realized I was in trouble. I had no way of loading any footage... or shooting the big part of the movie with Jess on the 3rd. I would have to buy a new HD camera...
...except nearly every HD Camera is tapeless now. Which meant, I was really in trouble as I have about 90 HDV tapes that in the future I'll need access to. For fuck's sake. I put a status on Facebook and a day later I hear back from Cassie (Smiley Girl for longtime Journey readers). Yes my bizarre stroll down Journey memory lane continues as 2005 jumps up and saves my ASS. She's pretty connected in the film community out here and after a couple of close calls, find a guy with my exact Canon HV20 that was willing to let me use it to load my footage.
On Tuesday I met with Peter John Ross, he actually works for a production house here in town, and we sat and talked while I loaded the two 40 minute pieces of the interview. Great guy, we could've talked for 2 days. Both film geeks, camera geeks, editing software geeks - and a FELLOW PC USER! HA! There Pat! We have another brother in the war. Peter (or John or Ross or whatever the hell first name he goes by, I'm not sure yet) has actually directed some big films and has spent some time in LA. So again, we could've talked forever.
Topic shifts to The Journey show on the 2nd and he says:  "Man, I hope you didn't pay too much for that, I could've gotten you an actual movie theater."
"Seriously, the guy running The Continent now has an incredible digital projector - if your stuff is HD, you'll be blown away."
<gulp x2>
First of all, The Continent was THE movie theater when I was a kid. I saw ET the first time there. Back to The Future. My greatest childhood memories were in those seats and... holy shit I just had a flashback of Kathy Ann Martin and Dances with Wolves. Remember how you'd pick the really LONG movies with your girlfriend so you had more time together? Yeah. That was awesome. Anyway, the theater had shut down, and then reopened and I honestly thought it had shut down again. It used to be a happening area up to the mid-90s and just dropped off after bigger places went in. But an actual movie theater? If this place had room in the front for me to set up my keyboard to perform the songs? Sheeeeeeeit. This was a goldmine...
...I called the manager up and went down earlier tonight to test out my laptop with some of my HD files. I saw the theater and gotta say, it's perfect. A good 20 feet from screen to first row and the screen is just massive. I was pretty excited. And then we got it up and running...
No video will ever do this justice. It looks so absolutely incredible, I'm completely confused by the technology. The pure HD stuff looks so filmlike, and so flawless, it's making me reconsider every goal I've ever had in life. I watched one section I had finished of the show for the 2nd, and folks - it's a documentary. Like, it's a real, full-fledged, professional documentary. I came down into the theater and stood in the middle watching it and absolutely welled up a bit and couldn't close my jaw. I was a freaking movie-star. Like that little 9 year old kid feeling you got when you saw movies on the big screen? That's how I felt. My dad sat in the back grinning ear to ear, my little brother and his friend were there... we were just dumbfounded. The scene when I'm on the phone with my father waiting for the Living Room Live announcement was so overwhelming to me I could barely keep from jumping through the ceiling.
Simply put it takes every ounce of emotion already in The Journey and amplifies it 100 times. This coming from a guy who has a 10 foot movie screen in his house. It's the size of the room being so tall and wide... I mean I believe it's 50 feet across. And with a couple hundred people in there? I'm freaking jonesing. I am so excited for the 2nd I can't even handle it. It completely shifts the focus from the live singing part to the movie and truth be told, I wish I had planned differently because I could probably have had the actual movie done for the show on the 2nd and just premiered it. Christ who am I kidding. With Comedy Central running me to mid-November? no way. That premiere will continue to be April 1st... and I know exactly where it's gonna be.
And that film? Whew - the first thing I do when I get back to LA now is look into the copyright issues because if I can get the OK from CBS and a few other things, I will recreate all the rest of the music and hell even pay for rights to a couple of songs just to hit the festival circuit. To my knowledge, there's just never been a film like this. The intimacy of these thousand videos is something most people never have and it's also usually done well after the fact. To have chronicled everything this closely for this long? Seeing it all together is just an unbelieveable story. I wish every single one of you could be there on the 2nd. No way in hell I could get a theater this size in LA without spending thousands.
PS - Goddamnit I just realized I can't load the footage because I used Peter's camera AT his work. Never even thought about future video uploads. Shit and with the holidays? I'll never be able to get it until next week. Oh well, The Journey will have to wait. Now, back to editing the monstrosity...