11:40 PM, Sunday, December 20th, 2009:
Out of context, this is the most frightening picture I've ever seen. Radio has always signified a complete failure of The Journey... and in Columbus to boot? Clearly I made a serious error somewhere. However the fact that I'm being interviewed on my old station about The Journey? Makes it the most perfect wrap up of the first 1000 entries I could've ever imagined.
Looking at this video from 15 years ago I'm struck by the fact that at that moment... I was doing the most I could to keep "the dream" alive. It was in every produced bit (by '96 & '97 the show was a constant barrage of bits), this ambition to make things bigger and better. It's that youth thing. That whole "ignorance is bliss" thing. You don't know what will work so you do EVERYTHING. You keep believing the next bit will be better. It's that attitude that absolutely gets killed by adulthood. Marriages & Mortgages kill that shit...
...yet 15 years later, I've had 3 of one and 2 of the other and when you watch this interview? Guess what you see. That same kid. Happy, excited, certain the next thing is gonna be bigger. Proud of his favorite project, The Journey, and giddy to talk about it. Somehow, what kills that spirit in most has made him believe even more. And that... THAT is what The Journey means more than anything else. It's as my friend Linda told me when she was interviewing me in Africa, "Cheating Failure". Because I treat everything in life as a chapter in a book or a scene in a movie? Nothing has enough weight to kill the spirit. If you're 20 minutes into a movie and the main character is crushed by some event... it hardly registers 'cause you know there's more to the story and you want to see how it ends. With this project I've found a way to weather any storm and in fact smile at the art it brings. That's magical. That is fucking magical. I wish everyone could live like this. Now, onto the interview in two parts:
Couple thoughts on part one: Dirk knows his shit. I have never spoken to someone in the media (that I'd never met to boot) that knew my life so in-depth. He certainly did his prep and you can also tell he's kept tabs for over a decade. That's just rare. Secondly, I've never been interviewed about "The Journey". Everything has always revolved around a product like The Egos or a CD I was releasing... so watching this video just blows my freaking mind. I'm still having a hard time processing the fact that while focusing so much on the "destination" (CBS, Comedy Central), "the journey" is the key. It's so cliched. I'm just really friggin glad I made the journey an actual "project" because otherwise, I'd have an assload of failed "destinations" with nothing to show for 'em. Giddy-up, onto part two:
Sooooo love the shit during the breaks. When watching any live event, I always wish I could see "the breaks". When going to Letterman that was always where I perked up. I'm a "behind the scenes" geek for sure. Wanted to also say that my "you don't have to invent it now" line sounded uber-arrogant, and I was never able to clarify. What I was really trying to say was that YouTube has a button you push, your camera comes on and records you, and you hit stop and upload. Done. You now have a videoblog entry. In 1999? Sweet, holy shit. You had to create everything by hand. I guess that's pretty much what I said in the interview, but it just came off a little pretentious and that was not my intention. Though come to think of it, it's never someone's intention to be pretentious... they just are. Fuck me. I'm a pretentious bastard. Just like that it happens. Hmmm. :-)
So thank you Dirk -- this was an absolutely precious moment for me. I am so honored that you've supported me all this time and are seemingly just as excited about The Journey as I am. I cannot wait for you to see the show on the 2nd and I have a feeling your question about "the next 10 years" just made its way into the final segment. All of this thanks to Palaur? Really?
Life is fun.