9:17 PM, Friday, December 18th, 2009:
Hands in the air like I just don't care. Absolutely speechless at this entry.
So I'm still revelling in the Palaur meeting the following day, however it's so long ago few people have any recollection of it. Basically Marty, Jess and Burg were like "wow!". Otherwise, no one to share the amazement with...
...except one Dirk Thompson. Dirk Thompson worked at CD101 just before I was hired there in 1998. His firing was legendary and controversial and though I had never met him, he knew of my show on WTVN and emailed me awhile back saying he was a fan. He also made it a point to tell me how much he loved Palaur. Thought it was just completely gripping stuff. So when he popped up on Facebook I was quick with:
"guess who I ran into yesterday?"
"someone from CD101?"
I sent him the video link. He wrote back:
"I was typing Palaur as you sent me the link as a joke!"
Filled him in on all the news and told him why I was in town. To my surprise he was totally caught up on The Journey and mentioned Comedy Central. He then asked if I wanted to call into his radio show to pimp my show on the 2nd. I said of course and then he upped the ante by asking if I could be in studio. HELLZ YES. There's a fun Journey Entry. I felt embarrassed, I didn't know what station he was at so I did a quick google search and wouldn't you know: 610 WTVN. Where it all began for "Young Adam" 15 years ago. Cuh-RHIST it was 1995 wasn't it. JESUS.
So I'm goin' back to 610 WTVN this Sunday at noon to do an interview and The Journey ends 1000 entries with a nice little button wouldn't you say? All thanks to Laura walking up to that "funny guy with a Santa hat on". I called Marty immediately and we both jumped up and down a bit. I met Marty at my WTVN show in early 1998... in fact, during the entire Palaur craziness. He was actually there one of the nights she was there. And this weekend we get to return. Now WTVN has physically changed buildings, but it's still a logo-filled radio station. Only CD101 has ever felt utterly unique (because it is). Every other radio station I've been in is cookie-cutter so this will just feel like a twilight zone version of WTVN. And of course it'll be Entry #995, and I started there in, yes, 1995. Why do I even bother questioning the romance anymore?
Then I remembered Keith Coast Superstar is gonna be in town, so there's another tie-in with Journey Players from years past... oh and I'm staying at Jess & Jeff's house for a couple of days while I try in finish this editing insanity called "The Journey" show. (Seriously, why I ever thought this wouldn't be that tough is beyond me. It's just massive. ) It's this massive "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" week for me and in the midst of all of it: I'm editing the story together. I can barely tell where the video stops and life begins...
...so I thought it might be fun to go on a Journey Scavenger Hunt. You know? Find all the scattered pieces of The Journey that are now housed in a new house with a new family... yet played a role in all those videos. I mean, it does kind of border on creepy, I know, but watch the video -- it's kinda fun:
Any idea how fun that was to put together? Clearly I was avoiding my editing duties (although actually GETTING to Entry #1000 is still part of the job) which as I've written before is UBER-CREATIVE time for me... just in the wrong direction. I'm sure I could've found a bunch more with Jess's help but she was at work. I like that all these little videos feel almost tangible after all this time. Finding parts of the videos was really, really fun. I mean - it's stupid in my house, everything counts. But here? It's actually really difficult. I kept going through videos and then running all over. What an absolutely bizarre day...
...followed by yet another unbelieveable coincidence. So Jess let's me know there's a "New Nikki's" that I must try. "New Nikkis" was our code for a greek place that tried to live up to an incredible Greek Restaurant that unfortunately closed in the late 90s. Jess and I loved it and nothing else has come close... anywhere. I originally went there with Burgundie and then Palaur (who was pre-Jess) and it was the only place we ever frequented in our short time together. In fact, in the "mystery video" that's within the Palaur site, we actually go to Nikki's right after rolling around in the Park of Roses.
So imagine my amazement when I walk in and see the exact same original mural that was in Nikki's from 1998. I turn to Jess: "Wait, these are the same owners?!?" Indeed it was. Last year they re-opened under a new name, yet everything was the same. I was absolutely floored. Got the world's largest Gyro (I shit you not, it's comically large), and everything was exactly as I remembered it in 1998. I of course wanted to tell Palaur. I may still email her so she too can go and see the mural and freak the hell out. Mykonos Taverna, 1307 Stoneridge Dr. Gahanna, OH. 43230 for those wondering.
What will happen next, huh? For now, WTVN. Wow.