7:13 PM, Friday, December 11th, 2009:
The 10-Year-Anniversary / Entry #1000 Celebration Show is on!
When: Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 at 7:30pm
Where: The Clarion Hotel & Suites Conference Center at 900 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. in Columbus Ohio
<LOCATION CHANGED: THE CONTINENT 6360 Busch Boulevard. Columbus, OH 43229>
How Much? $10
What be goin' down: I'll be performing songs from The Journey while projecting the videos from the entire 10 year run on a massive HD movie screen in one big hour long show. Also releasing the Comedy Central Pilot on DVD for $10!
Why: 'Cause it's been 10 years and 1000 Entries!
So excited for this show. I've been talking about telling the entire story of "The Journey" in a live show for nearly 8 years now, and it's finally gonna happen. It's only fitting it happens on the 10 Year Anniversary and Entry #1000. A feat that took nearly 300 entries/videos in the last 2 years. Christ. I've been putting together the video portions of the show, and I'm certain I'll be performing this throughout 2010 in LA. The mix of video and live interraction with the audience while performing songs piano/voice is really fun - and the story flies by. A very original one-man show and I can't wait to share this with everybody in a few short weeks...
...so here's the first 90 seconds of the first video section. :-)
I'm gonna be lugging my HD projector and will make a big-ass screen IN Columbus so this thing looks as good as humanly possible. I'm just so excited to share this story at such a high quality in a live setting since everyone has experienced this for the last 10 years alone in a tiny window on your computer screen. It's just such a unique way to tell a story and condensing 10 years to 1 hour? Head-spinning. Those in attendance will not be bored. I can guarantee that.
This will also foreshadow what's coming on April 1st: The feature-length film where I go back into Entry #1, grab that Adam, tell him the entire Journey... and see if he still continues west. Ooh, Lemme embed that trailer:
Those that see the live show, will understand just how overwhelming it's gonna be for that poor bastard when it's compressed into such a small amount of time. I love the "never-been-done-before" angle of the whole project. It excites me about the exposure that the movie and this live show could receive next year.
Unfortunately, the initial 90 seconds I showed you is all I have completed as I've spent the past week or so simply laboring over which sections to put together and which songs to sing live. This is a celebration so the last thing I'm gonna do is bring sing a bunch of sad songs. The ironic thing however, is I've also had to nix the happy songs... about Jess -- 'cause that becomes sad as she's sitting there with her other husband. LOL. So what we're left with is the fun angry songs, a couple neutral songs, and of course snippets of all the good stuff within the movie sections. It's a really challenging show to put together and as I've said, I cannot wait to share it.
And finally, I'll be releasing the Comedy Central Pilot on DVD that night. There's one nice advantage to having both production companies completely drop the ball when it comes to the pilot: I own it... and now everyone can. It's a great show, and the DVD will be packed with all sorts of goodies. Can't wait for everyone to finally see it.
Alright! What a fun entry! T-Minus 9 entries and counting!!!!