3:45 PM, Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009:
Oh it's pretty gay. No need to hide your laughter from me. Seems fairly obvious Spencer was born long before 2001. Though I do have to defend this poor bastard. His girlfriend said it looked hot and took the picture. Yes, 1994 Adam was gonna be a pop-star, and Alte Tyme was gonna get him there. For one weekend at the tail-end of my senior year in high school, I felt that absolute certainty in my gut that I was on the verge of a huge break. As you'd expect my father was alongside just as assured as I was and the rise and fall was short and sweet. The name and story however was burned in my brain, and only in the past couple of days have I realized just how influential it was on how I processed these moments. Which, at 18, you just knew would be few and far between. Ha, ha, ha.
A friend of mine, Jeremy Baack, introduced me to a guy he knew that in all honesty... I only remember by his stage name. He was apparently an up and coming star who had just signed with Sony Records and was just returning from a meeting with Tommy Mattola (Mariah Carey's husband and the head of Sony at the time). Adding to the legitimacy of the backstory, he was singing at the Capitol Theater the following week as a surprise guest of Mr. Mattola's. His single was dropping on WNCI that weekend and the immediacy of all of this led you to believe it was true. I mean, if you're gonna lie - why would you lie about something happening TOMORROW? So we met, my father and I brought him into the studio, he sang for us and really loved the music we had put together and took my cassette to play for Tommy.
It was absolutely overwhelming. When he left my dad and I looked at each other like:  "Really? Is this really happening?" Of course we believed in the music, we thought it was special. And after hearing him sing, if HE had a deal? Oh I most certainly was going to get one. The event at the theater the following week wasn't just his concert, but a Sony event and Mr. Tyme was so impressed he wanted me to appear onstage with him. It absolutely seemed too good to be true, but again - why lie about something so imminent!?? We met on a Thursday, the single was to drop that weekend, the concert the following week. So though completely overwhelming, it was easy to just revel in this fantastic break for a couple of days. I was with Burgundie at the time, and I remember there was a gathering at her mother's house that Friday night and word had already gotten out. It was absolutely my first night where I was completely self-aware of what was happening. You could feel the transition. You could feel the energy in the room from those around you that wanted you to succeed. It was just spectacular. I was just about to graduate from high school, I had just gotten the best actor award for my role as the lead in The Music Man, I released my first tape... it was all coming together...
...until of course it all unraveled. Called WNCI, they never heard of him and within a few hours I was able to get ahold of this kid's foster parent who apologized for the drama he had caused. He begged me not to beat the shit out of the kid. LOL. He had only been his foster parent for a few months, but said even in that time his pathological lying was clear. Even this scene is so vivid in my head. I was at a wedding with Burgundie on that Saturday for someone on her father's side of the family. I called during the reception and remember distinctly looking out the window at a beautiful summer day and hearing the news that it was an absolute and complete fabrication. I told Burgundie, stunned, and we just kinda went into that zombie mode (that Journey viewers know oh so well). I remember it being crushing. This was after 48 hours of belief. Naive beyond all belief. Green to such an extent it's almost comical over 15 years later.
I'll never forget the embarrassment of telling everyone it wasn't happening. The egg on my face. The disappointment in everyone's eyes. Youth allows hope to prevail in these situations but what really hit me a couple of days ago? How I processed it. I wrote a song about believing that "it will happen". And, heh, videotaped it. It was the beginning of DV Therapy. The beginning of realizing that the best way to deal with difficult tests was to make art out of it...
Two years later "Just Imagine" would appear on my first CD and the mantra would follow me forever. I love that the last note is the same key as "Float Downstream" -- the latest "jesus christ i want to make it for the love of fuck let this be it" song.
15 years.
Alte Tyme.
The surrealness of my life continues. What will happen next?