11:44 PM, Sunday, November 22nd, 2009:
I think I've figured out what I'll say to 2000 Adam in the movie. When it hits him that as a whole the entire thing is failure upon failure, as we end this year (with news I'll give you in a moment) I'll simply ask him: "You wanna hear what happens next?" -- and when he says yes? I'll say:  "Exactly." The Journey is what it's always been. Potential personified. The absolute knowing that this is going to happen and wondering just how it does... and in turn, what, happens, next. As long as I can convince that poor schmuck of that fire? He continues onto LA no matter the consequences. Time will tell if I can.
So I, uhm, have an agent. And believe it or not? Assuming I get sent out to read for tv or film and don't get strung on for months while nothing happens? It's the first one I've ever had. Seriously, in my life I have never been on an audition for a part on TV or in film. Bizarre right? I had a commercial agent in 2002, but alas my full-time position at the chiropractor's office nixed that almost upon arrival. However, commercial and theatrical is different - and though this agency does both, it's the tv/film side that I'm clearly excited about. Charlotte (my manager from 2001-2002, 2006-2008) never sent me out for a part on a tv show or film... come to think of it, sweet jesus. Not once. Once hosting gig... and a promo for somethin'... but, wow <shakes head> So how did this all happen?
Christine Barger (who was one of the 12 players in "FOUR") emailed my stuff to her agent, who is also a good friend of hers. Simply put, he liked the sheer amount of things I was doing and believes in my work. It really doesn't hit you until you sit down and explain what's going on, that you see just how many things I'm juggling at the moment. From the first Video Blogger, to FOUR, to Adam & The Egos, to just being a competent actor, there's a lot to work with. I mean, duh, but again -- never been sent out before. We met yesterday, hit it off personally (I swear nerds somehow find each other throughout all odds. He and Cameron would be best friends instantly), and he was ready to go. Just called him tonight with some information to get the ball rolling and in a week or so I should be goin' out. Voila.
And the nice thing is, the direction is clear really: If I don't book shit, everything else will fade. There is no grey area with an agent/agency. It's as cut and dry as you can be, they don't make money if you don't book and they won't continue to waste their time if that's a pattern. Considering the grey area in my life, nothing I welcome more than that. :-)
And suddenly everything is just... well strange. I'm happy to get an agent, though it seems ridiculous it has taken this long. I'm thrilled that it's a smaller agency, because I think it's crucial to match "levels" when it comes to talent/representation. If one or the other is too big or too small? It simply won't work out. Hunger levels have to be equal. But the strangeness comes in being SOOOOOOOOOOO high from the 12th - 16th. Getting bitch-slapped on the 17th... and then getting lifted up on the 21st. It's a bit of a whirlwind and what would've made the year pretty great by itself now has a bit of a "band-aid" feel to it, considering the wound I got just a few days ago. So I am still in zombie mode...but happy. Bizarre.
The video is just a slice of life as it was happening and even more of a tease for the pilot which I'll be selling in Columbus on January 2nd at the big 10-Year Celebration (Place TBD).
It's also dripping with symbolism of course. These are strange days for me personally as well. So I just throwin in the part of the pilot where Cam plays all 3 weddings behind Adam to fuck with him. My life is just so rich with fodder for videos, I should start a video blog or something. :-)
But anyway, as I explained in the last entry - though I'm dealing with everything fine... it is still a process that I'm not really through yet. I'm still trying to find my bearing since Comedy Central defined so goddamn much of who I was the past 6 months. I still have things running through my head -- especially the show. And now it's in a different light. The goal with the agency on top of auditions is of course talking to other networks and getting ahold of celebrities that may be interested in the "muppet show" version. So some of that scheming swagger is back, but so is the exhaustion. It's just strange. No other way to put it. Very similar to losing Americ's Got Talent, writing the entry abotu watchign the premiere the night before, and the next day getting on living Room Live. Christ, that's should've been this entry's video...
...seriously. I could conceiveably do all of 2010 without ever making a new video. Soooooo much fits PERFECTLY. I guess it stands to reason considering we're so close to 1000... which of course brings me to the next piece of insanity...
...though it's highly implausible, if I read for something after Thanksgiving... just maybe there are some good developments before the end of the year? Just maybe 2000 Adam can wrap his head around more than "what happens next?" as he decides whether to go west or east the following morning?
I really have no expectations of pulling something off in the final 13 entries of this year (999 will be 01/01 and 1000 will be 01/02) ... but it's beautiful to me that the possibility is there. It makes me smile. And after this week? You have to love that.
Here's to taking a week off from The Journey, and relaxing... for probably the first time this year.
<christ why do I tempt the Gods>