7:59 PM, Sunday, November 15th, 2009:
Ahhhhhh. The decompression. Dad and I had a ball watchin' movies and doin' some Rockband... and really just talking about everything. He hit the clouds today, and I'm finally starting to let everything hit me. And now... the day that was:
Ahhhhhh.... what a wonderful video. :-) And duh, of course I took the TVs back. What possible need would I have for them? I never made a dime in LA doing 4tvs... it was all about getting me to this point. And if Comedy Central picks up the show, there's a budget, etc. My ass can't afford 4 HDTVs. But they were fun. :-)
Everything started in my living room with a runthrough, basically at midnight. It was eerie how much it was like the actual stage (except my screen was prettier - lol). We went through it one time, and I was pretty certain it was all gonna work out. This show is 95% technical execution, so I was able to rest easy (well at least 4 hours) and was up bright and early the next morning to redo another FX shot. (sigh). I thought I was done until Sarah saw a mistake I hoped no one would notice the moment she saw it. LMAO. God love her for that. Made for a nice 2 hour FX session starting at 5:47 am.

When I looked in the mirror the morning of, I was taken aback. I really saw some years in that face. I didn't look old necessarily, but I did look... weathered. It just really made me realize just what it took to to get to this moment. And I grabbed my camera. I never wanted to forget what this looked like.


So straight up at 1pm, It was time to set-up the TVs. Flat-screen HDTVS. This was actually what I envisioned in 1998 when I thought of 4tvs, and it was just surreal to put this together. Thank you Marty for making sure the Comedy Central sign was in this shot. Ahh yes, Mr. MOOSE!!


Mr. Marty "Moose" Currens made the trip out and damnit, since he was holding the camera, he's not in any of the videos. Grrrr. He was totally part of the set-up, teardown and a huge help. As longtime readers know he was there for every single Columbus 4tvs show (35) and made the trek out to LA with Jess and I 10 years ago. It was incredibly special to have him here. Jess really wanted to come out too, but too much goin' on for her at the moment. He was jonesed like a mofo to watch everything go down. :-)


In case you were wondering. They're my bedsheets, and the boxes the TVs came in. LMAO. I set it up on a hunch, and holy shit - it worked fine. Of course I wanted some kick-ass set-up, but I couldn't find anything with a return policy, that also wouldn't take a million years to set-up as well. The boxes worked perfect. And who knew those were bed sheets? Now you do. :-)

Now how perfect was this stage...
I adore this room. It's such a nice wide space, and that projector screen is just perfect. I couldn't have asked for more.

Some of you have asked how the 4tvs are run, and what used to be a "splitter" is now a full-fledged PC that I loaned from "Smart AVI" as their HD splitter was on back-order by 3 weeks. They were incredibly gracious to allow me to have this computer system for the night and I'll do everythign in my power to use them from this point on. 4 DVI outputs converted to HDMI signals, and there you are...


...exCEPT for the sound. And welcome to what nearly made me call the show. A hum out of this PC that was so loud it drowned out the voices. All they had for a soundcard for this thing was a USB card for headphones and NOTHING lessened the buzz. From 3:30 - 5pm it's all the entire crew and I dealt with. It was so, so, so disappointing. I was prepared to open the show by going in front of the audience and explaining the issue, and having them try and bare with it...


And then this man, Mr. Paul Stein seen here on the right, had an idea that none of us thought of: use computer speakers out of the PC and actually mic the speakers. When we plugged them in, the hum turned into this strange whoop whoop whoop but it was just different enough that when we mic'd it, it was barely noticeable. He quite simply saved the show. Thank you, thank you, thank you Paul. :-)

And thank you to the entire crew. There were 7 people on hand with one goal: make the show run perfectly. I have never known this in a live setting, ever. It was unbelieveable. Whereas you're usually fighting with everyone just to get the space to set-up, this was just tailor-made for the talent. Can't say enough. :-) It was onto the dress rehearsal...
4tvs makes the jump to high def. Love it. The TVs were so friggin bright that they had to redo the lighting on me, to make up for it. The cameras (as you can see here) blew out the TVs, but by the actual show, they had lit me correctly and hopefully that footage turns out. I'll see it next week.

Before you knew it, it was time... I sat in the dressing room waiting and enjoyed that anxious feeling that only a live performance can give you. It was more like being a director, and pacing the theater than a striaght-up play, but the feeling is the same. You just want it to work. Let it work. Let them laugh...

And laugh they did.
Hell, they were laughing at the commercials. It just worked. The biggest issue was the laughing was so long it erased so many great lines. And, that's of course why it should be a TV show. You can mix the sound. :-) But yeah, just perfectly received. It's always fun to see which lines work best. I paced backstage like an expectant father and shook my fist as they laughed at the good stuff. Of course Ted Lange's bit was just wonderful. In fact, let me take a moment for those thank yous...
I was just frazzled during my curtain call and wanted to just say thank you and runaway because that meant - ITS OVER!!!! YAHOOOOO!!! And I forgot to mention the people in the bits. DAMNIT. So thank you so much Tim Camarillo and Marshall Givens for being the funny-ass gangstas you were. Thank you Sarah Johnson for having the balls.... ovum to do the "birther" bit as your first foray into acting. Hopefully it doesn't scar you for life. You were beautiful and funny, and no one could've pulled it off so believeably. And finally, thank you Ted. You saw that birther bit, and just instantly said yes to the GRAM bit although not a word of it was written, and we just both had a ball and happened to record it. You're a class act - and I hope you're as proud of your work as I am. You really added credibility to my show, and again - thank you thank you thank you.

And of course you all know from the last entry what Jim said. He was clearly happy. We'll know just how happy in the next few days, but I gotta take it that from this frame from the camera we had set-up for the show, that it's good news. :-)


And really, everyone seemed genuinely shocked at the show. Especially considering there were so many people that had no idea what the hell 4tvs was. My cell phone was goin' CRAZY all night with texts and voicemails. I was able to put a FB status update up: "i did it. i did it. jim totally loved it, said he saw it as a tv show and to call him next week. i fuckin did it. my first "crying" text. :)" and was inundated with comments. It was wonderful. Exhausted, my father and Marty and I crawled to the NoHo Diner and tried to process everything. It was too much. In all honesty, I can barely take it all in three days later. It's just so unreal. HA! That's a chorus from a song I wrote in '94. LOL.

So of course, pops and I played Beatles Rockband:
Dad was desperately annoyed with Ringo's drumming style. Most real drummers will attest that he just doesn't play drums... well, right. He's literally all over the place, and to anyone who actually knows how to drum, you just have to throw everything you know out the window. It's somewhat easy for me, 'cause I don't have any of the appropriate habits in drumming, so I just read the notes... and I don't think twice. It was cool, I watched my dad actually play the drums on Oh Darling the way Ringo probably should've and I understood his frustration. So suffice to say, we didn't play The Beatles as much as Boston. I however, loved singing the hell out of that song. I love pushing myself vocally in ways I never really show onstage or on the site. It's like another character to me.
So of course, the following morning... the trips to Best Buy for the big return:

Did anyone really think I was going to do this? Not to be a mooch, but I just don't have an extra $2500 to buy these... nor any use for them! As I said before, there's just no reason to do the 4tvs show again unless I have my own show, at which point - it'll all be done over with a budget. My budget is $0. Thus, I took full advantage of a 30-day return policy and no restocking fee.

So tomorrow I make a call to one Jim Sharp and figure out just exactly what I'm in for. And the foundation of The Journey continues. I've always said I'll keep doing this as long as I always wonder after each entry "What's gonna happen next?". Not sure it's every been more true than what I feel as I finish this entry and look forward to the phone call tomorrow.