11:57 PM, Thursday, November 12th, 2009:
Barely made it. As exhausted as I've ever been, but I knew I had to jot down some words tonight before I passed out. I'll do a longer more intense entry on everything that happened this weekend, but gotta capture the emotion of tonight... which starts with the video:
Whew. I know I have a lot of moments on this site where I show emotion, but none as endearing to me as that. I had just spoken to Jim, and was literally processing it as I was describing it - then I heard what I was actually saying and realized I did it. SO WHAT DID HE SAY?!?!
I'll leave all the day's events for the next entry - but after the show, Jim came up to me very, very happy. He said he loved it and then within 5 seconds of a handshake asked what happened with Weller/Grossman. Gulp. I mentioned they really never called back and I just went ahead without them... but he wasn't a fan of that - he said some more positive things about the show, andthen asked again: "Really, what happened...". It was clear he wanted to know everything, right that second, with everyone around waiting to talk to me... so I told him as much as I could at the moment. Everything I've already covered. He seemed to really understand. Especially their hesitancy about doing the show with the TVs, etc... and how there was no way I wasn't going to get to this level and not go all out. And I believe he was impressed that I took the initiative and literally produced everything myself. I mentioned that Lieberman showed interest, and voila - there was Josh who I hadn't heard if he was comin' or not... so he joined the fray for a bit.
The first thing he mentioned was the promos/commercials I added. He loved that. WHEW. This was, by far, the biggest risk of the entire night. The birther bit was the 2nd biggest risk (it went over perfectly), but to me putting Comedy Central promos and commercials within the show as if it were already on the air was incredibly presumptuous and bordered on arrogant. If they didn't like the show? I look like a fuckin' ass. If they did? It was a great way to show them exactly how it would look/feel on the air. At the last moment - I just did it. I just had to have faith that the show was so good, they would buy it all and amazingly - that was one of the first things he brought up and he said "I could totally see this on television! I really liked you putting the commercials in there.". I deflected the comment initially explaining my reservations about the presumptuousness of it, but he came back with glowing praise of it. Thank, fucking, GODDDDDD.
He then said he just loved how FAST it was. He said the show FLEW by, and he actually snapped his fingers about how smooth and quick it ran. SOOOOOOOOOO happy about this. I must've have re-edited those bits forEVER for this very reason. In and out as fast as humanly possible. Never have one moment of lag. The show is actually 31 minutes (and the actual half-hour pilot would be 22:30) but watching it? You'd swear it was 20 minutes. But he caught that, and loved it. He was just incredibly positive and ended by saying "Call me next week.". And there you go. I of course said absolutely, went on talking to everyone else for a moment or two and then ran into the dressing room to make that video, and that's when it all kinda hit me -- as you saw.
The key to reading situations from people in extremely powerful positions is understanding what they don't need to say. They don't need to come up to you after the show to begin with. Now considering all that happened leading to the night, I never for a second thought that would happen. But I really did expect a generic - "Great show! We'll be in touch!". In which I would fight and struggle through the next 45 days (the amount of time they have to make a choice). He did not have to go into specifics, he did not have to say "I could totally see it on TV!" -- I mean sweet jesus he didn't have to say that. And he most certainly didn't have to ask me to call HIM next week. That's of course, the clincher. That's where it's obvious that this is positive. You can't reasonably think he wants me to call him so he can tell me that he really didn't want to move forward. He could've done that by simply leaving, or saying he'd be in touch. He didn't. He was happy and excited and from friends that saw him in the crowd? He was laughing throughout. I think I did it. Goddamn, I think I did it.
Josh also was very positive saying that he was not expecting me to be so good at the characters. That he completely believed me as those characters -- and several people actually mentioned the "realism". Which I feel is the core to the whole show. These are not caricatures. They have deep backgrounds, and as I always say, would be completely comfortable walking into Cheers. I'm so glad people see that. It really helps differentiate me from so many other comedians/actors.
Alright - there's tons more, but I'm so tired. I may actually get more than 3 hours of sleep tonight. I DID IT! I DID IT!!!! WHAT THE HELL DOES HE WANT TO TELL ME NEXT WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!?!!?!