10:31 PM, Saturday, October 31st 2009:
How many goddamn kids can there possibly be in this neighborhood? 3 straight hours sitting out there waiting for the line to end - I had 350+ pieces of candy and am left with like 5. And some mofackies didn't even have a bag. Oh forget the teens without costumes, I'm used to those - but walking up in your normal clothes with your hand out annoys me for some reason. You couldn't be bothered to grab a pillow case? Seriously? I wasn't gonna go all Larry David on them, but even the laziest bitches used their backpacks. Sheeeeeeeeeit.
So, oh yeah, guess what I dressed up as today?
It's moments like this coming together where I gotta admit: it really does all feel pre-destined. From the show falling on The Comedy Store Anniversary to all of this happening right as we complete 10 years and 1000 entries... of course I get to dress up as all of The Egos on Halloween.

Of course, although it's more "me" by the month it seems, "Adam" is a character. Though what was once obviously exagerrated, the real me has become a perfect mix of Adam and Cameron and I gotta say - it writes itself. Truth be told I have every characteristic of Adam and Cameron somehwhere within me, with very little exagerration. When you see us fight, you see two parts of my psyche battling for sure...


The reason for a big production and having to actually rent a space was the "dressing room" scenes. There's scenes in both Adam and Spencer's dressing rooms and in Adam's room, all 5 Egos come in. It's a complicated shoot and I needed a place that simply didn't look like a "house". This fit the bill for sure. (Sarah, fresh off her role as "birther" - helped out a TON today as Tyson and I went crazy trying to get everything done)


We had the studio for less than 10 hours and Tyson had to be gone by hour 7 because of some paying gigs for Halloween which meant, we had to RUSH.


This isn't like the old CBS Egos shoots - this is a 4tvs shoot. The difference being: no edits. You watch all 4 characters in one continuous shot live onstage through the TVs. So you make a mistake? You start over from the beginning. It's the first time I had done this in over 5 years and before? Each character was one full day. And believe me, you needed that.


Had we not been doing the "dressing room" bits, this could have all been done at home (thus allowing 1 day per character), but because I actually shave for each character and I'm RENTING out the space out of my own pocket? No. No other choice, had to knock it all out in one day. Friggin' intense day.


...so intense that during Gary, it occured to me I had completely forgotten an ENTIRE section as CAM! Tyson had 90 minutes left, and we still had Dewey and Spencer... no way to go back and fix it... but amazingly, Tyson made me back into CAM in like 4 minutes, Sarah changed up the curtain, and before you knew it I was in the chair for Dewey as the curtain went back to Green. No way in hell I could have done this without the help. Whew.


Hmmm, is that maple syrup? I wonder what brand that could be? Come on, you think I wasn't gonna incorporate that song? Of course, can you imagine how freaking difficult it was putting DEWEY back in all those shots? <shakes head> I still have yet to tackle THAT editing beast, though the shots are done.


Ahh that smile. Oh and I finally get to go back to his original costume of no shirt. If you watch the CBS test show from December 2006, you'll notice Dewey didn't have a shirt, but CBS made me put one on? HUH? Wasn't even a censor thing - they just didn't like it. Whatever. He's a surfer/stoner who would only wear a shirt if ABSOLUTELY forced. So screw you guys - the real Dewey is back. Hawaian Shirt? Hell no.


And I had to make sure you all saw that I am actually still eating. LOL. And junk food to boot! I'm not completely "Bale Machinist" yet, but it sure feels like it. Fucking rice, fucking running. I will be happy when I can chill on the body stuff, though I am a good deal skinnier.


Which in turn makes all The Egos look a lot more the way they were supposed to. With the unbelieveable stress of Donna during my downtimes at CBS, there was no way in hell I could focus on eating right and exercising (until the end) and The Egos suffered because of it. They look right now... and man, I missed Spencer. Had a blast watching him/me on the monitors.


LOL. It really is like seeing old friends. Though I really get to see them tomorrow when I start loading everything into the computer. That's the magic part. When you line everything up - and start putting together the actual dialogue? BOOM. There they are. Like you're hanging out with your buddies.

Alright, I'm exhausted. What a day to have done this on, and with that, October is over. A handful of days before this becomes a reality - and I guarantee it won't be 3 days until I long to be this busy again. Funny though, at the moment I can't fathom that feeling. Just wanna exhale!!!!
On November 12th, at 8:45pm when it's over. :-)