4:21 PM, Thursday, October 29th 2009:
Hot damn. I will be honest - I was a little scared. We shoot Saturday morning (yes on Halloween), and I still have to make the audio script (what each TV acts to for timing) so this is cutting it really close. As well, I was pretty stuck - I'm trying to jam pack this with every possible angle and I think I did it. And it's entries like this that I am best able to explain my philosophy on success.
Absolute positive thinking is fine for your heart, if you need that - but it has no place in business. My heart is fine, I'm thrilled as an artist... but the rest of this? It's a business. These are businessmen making business decisions for their network. My job as the one offering my talents? Forsee every negative outcome. Think ahead at all the ways they can turn me down. To "The Secret" group of believers out there, this is the opposite of all you believe. But it's because thinking this way DOESN'T AFFECT my ACTIONS. My actions are on auto-pilot, and have been for years now. I work my ass off, I create like a madman, I rarely waste a minute of my life. That's already a given. I don't need brainwashing to keep that up. It's in me. It's who I am...
...what I need? Is information. I need to know what's gonna happen before it happens. I need to take all the experience I've had in this industry and predict THEIR movements. All of which means I have to be a "negative nancy" and think of every way this fails. I did the same thing before the meeting with Comedy Central, and when I was at CBS - it was that line of thinking that got me The Price is Right set as well as Young & The Restless. I'm positioning players on a battlefield and trying to take over an enemy base. Comedy Central has to see something on the 12th that makes them put "Adam & The Egos" on their network instead of 100s of other acts/shows that may get them more money, or become a bigger success. I've heard enough "no"s in my career that I'm ready for theirs. Which is why, in the show I have:
-A completely professionally put together parody video of a song showing that I can not only make a funny parody, but that it fits the character singing it - and is well shot and ready for air immediately.
-A live portion of the show unlike anyone has ever seen (except those that have seen 4tvs) with all 5 characters interacting live without a hitch - in even more demanding ways than the original Trintrons bit.
-Backstage bits incorporated live (a la The Muppet Show) that shows all the characters outside of their TVs setting up the relationships and the backstage fights.
-A moment where you see a character come out of the screen to confuse the audience.
-A portion where I sing live, to show it's not all technical wizadry.
-A portion where all 5 people sing together to show the choreography of it all.
-An edgy bit (which you've seen) designed to push the envelope as well as brand me as more than just a comic.
-An edgy bit (which you haven't seen) with more racial overtones, but with muy character taking the brunt of the jokes -- unlike Borat which pokes fun at the other people.


-Everything strung together as if it's already on TV with Comedy Central promos, comercial breaks and an animated opening and theme song.
Is it perfect? Never, nothing ever will be. But this entire script was designed for one thing: the weeks AFTER the show. For that period when I'm losing my mind wondering what they thought? I know I threw them everything I had. Other than adding musical instruments (which I think looks a little too obvious) every talent is there, and is there rather subtly. That's the thing. You think it's 5 different people once the show starts. It isn't until the last bit, where I'm by myself - and then the show ends - that the audience really clues into the fact that I'm one guy. And that's how I want to leave them.
Right now? I think I did it. I think this is the show. I think this is the moment. I think this is a script that took me 10 years to even attempt. It's ambitious for ME, which is saying a lot. And the bottom line is - there are no "what-ifs". If I pull off this script on November 12th? They are crazy to not pick this up, and I will barely bat an eye. I didn't rest on my laurels. I didn't just show old bits and hope and pray. I produced new content, used old content only if it was more beneficial, and took risks with bits that push the envelope. I have done everything I can - and even surprised myself a little. I see no way, they aren't blown out the back of the theater...
...and that is NOT positive thinking. That's logical thinking after 10 years of piecing together my life. This will work. Now, to record it all audibly. Whew.