12:01 AM, Monday, October 19th 2009:
And here, we, go...
So the show is officially: "Adam & The Egos". Believe it or not, this was in doubt up until yesterday. I kinda liked the idea of having the show within the show called: "Up & Adam", and the entire thing called "Adam & The Egos"... but it got too bulky in my head. Bottom line is, for branding alone, there needs to be "Adam & The Egos" all OVA tha place.
Then of course the question became the song. Brand new? I really liked the "Up & Adam" hook and the minimal a capella is a quirky way to introduce you to their music...but "Adam & The Egos" is a mouthful. I tried to slam that title in the same space as the previous chorus, but finally settled on "& The Egos" while the announcer says "ADAM!". Very happy with that. It's like they're fighting even in the credits.
As I worked on this it occured to me that there's a very good chance, if picked up, this IS the open. Could it be done better? Of course. But where the hell is the budget for that even if it IS picked up? And as I've felt all along, there's something kinda special about me physically doing SOME of the editing - just from a marketing stand-point for the network. It's bizarre and I know of no other performer that does it.
So as you can tell, I'm acting like this is FOR-AIR. All the bits will have the Comedy Central watermark, I'm even gonna have promos going into and out of my "breaks" during the show. Literally every second I control, is gonna look as professional as humanly possible - even though I don't believe there's any chance anything "taped" on the 12th will ever air. At best, they would love it - and have me re-do it somewhere for the first episode. In the initial meeting, I misenterpreted "straight to air" as meaning - what we taped at the development space could be episode one. Wrong. The concept could go straight to air. Either way - I've gotten a good idea at what other people have done in this space, and simply put - no one has done it this "anal" before. Timing it all the way down to the breaks and doing everything to make the people inside feel like they were at a taping. I want Jim Sharp to come up to me and say: "How on earth can we not try this?".
I called this entry "Official Announcement" because it marks 3 1/2 weeks of a "push" to get people to this show and I'm also finally unlocking sooooooo many entries surrounding this entire story. All of 2009 to be exact. Long story short, there was a falling out with Weller/Grossman (that I still don't really understand) and I've since partnered up with 3 Arts and in all honesty am just producing everything myself. I didn't want to make all of this public for fear of some form of retribution from W/G, but at this point - they've shown zero interest in even contacting me - so it's a moot point. Bizarre. They seemed so excited about this project and then completely ignored it. Either way - it's happening and I have to get the word out. If they dropped it thinking nothing was gonna happen, and then call me all pissed because I got it done without them, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there... but they left me no other choice. And a quick scan of a certain 10 year long "project" might have told them I wasn't dropping this opportunity. As you can see from the unlocked entries (beginning of August specifically) I labored over the decision. In the end, it really didn't mean much because 3 Arts isn't really involved, no one is but me - but if this gets picked up they will reap the benefits, not W/G. I simply can't afford to hand them my entire career with what they showed me. I've worked waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard.
So, any of you reading this, SPREAD THE WORD!!! The official information is as follows:
Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson
6539 Santa Monica Boulevard
cross street Hudson Avenue between Highland and Vine
Thursday, November 12, 2009
Show begins at 8:00pm
Absolutely Free
Reservations Required
To RSVP, please call 323.960.5519
Street and Lot Parking Available
Link people to this entry's video - and please do not ask me to "put you on the list". I cannot. Because this is a free show, they told me everyone needs to call personally - 'cause if they can't make the time to call? They're probably not making the time to come. Seats are infamously limited for this stage so reserve your seats immediately.
And as many of you know, this is a remarkably special date for me. It's the date of what was the biggest moment of The Journey for sooooooooooooooooo many years, November 12th, 2001 - The Comedy Store. Over 800 entries ago, and seemingly a lifetime, I have one last shot to break my career WIDE open before the 10 year anniversary and I'm honored that it can be done in front of a live audience of friends and family. So from this point on - it is no longer a secret. It is official, it's happening, and it's time to tell the world.