3:33 PM, Saturday, October 17th 2009:
This is a really bizarre feeling. Everything is in full swing. I'm meeting actors, checking out stages, playing producer, director, writer, editor... every hat you can imagine - and I love that shit! But in the back of my head? I'm a little angry. 'Cause it really shouldn't all fall on me. I know it always does, I know I always meet the challenge, but there was no need this time. I had not one, but two production companies in my corner ready to help! Unless of course by help I meant, actually helping. Woah, why would they do that?
So I pay for everything, do all the legwork, so much work that I literally need the entire month off to complete it all - and if it works out great? I will have to hand over half of everything to a... production company. 'Cause that's just how it's done.
Now to all the positive thinkers out there, I need to reiterate - all my actions are positive. They always are, but I'm not gonna brainwash myself at what's happening. And the entire point of The Journey is to show you what it's really like. It's completely unfair. Again, I'm still getting it done, I'm still emptying my bank account (excuse me, home equity line) and risking EVERYTHING to pull this off... but "4tvs Productions" will not be rewarded. You think if Weller/Grossman put money/legwork/time into this production that they wouldn't be rewarded with some sort of co-producer position? Of course they would. 4tvs Productions won't because if there's a position there to be filled (meaning Comedy Central picks this up), 3 Arts will swoop in immediately...
...and I will be overjoyed just for the opportunity! <shakes head> This fuckin' industry...
Pre-production stuff has been pretty intense actually. I finally found the space I'm gonna shoot the "backstage/dressing room" stuff at. Gonna cost me a couple hundred - but it's a lot easier than destroying my house and building it in my living room. Check it out:
Lotsa space, and I believe I will now include a scene in Spencer's dressing room since there's a "red room". Heh, obviously I haven't even started writing the script. And we're shooting on the 25th. Gulp. The problem is, each space I look at changes the script. I can't afford to find what I originally envisioned, I have to see what's available and write TO it.
Up next as producer is finding an actress (yes believe it or not, it's not an all Adam affair) for a bit that I honestly believe could singlehandedly sell the show. In fact if done correctly? It could be bigger than "Let's Bomb Iran". Thankfully, Laura Adler had someone in mind, I just met with her - and she's on-board. WHEW. The part she plays is a lot to ask of an actress and if it wasn't for Laura, I don't know what the hell I could've done. There was no way I was casting this by myself without looking like a fucking UBER-slime ball. I'm still hoping for yet another actor, but they've all been falling through - and I just don't have enough time to wait. But again, as I said, if the bit with this girl works out the way I see it in my noggin'? Fahgeddaboutit. Game over, show picked up. We shoot the bit on Tuesday. I'm actually gonna try to get it online for some viral buzz by the end of the week.
Final part in all this? The 4tvs set-up. Which because I need to bring this into the HD world? Is going to cost, ready for this? Close to $10,000. The box to seperate the signals itself is $3300. It's unbefugginlieveable. Now, I do believe I can take nearly everything back if I time it all correctly - but putting that much money on a credit card even for a week is gonna hurt and I have to have at LEAST a week to set things up and try it all out. And heaven forbid something happens to this shit. JESUS. Like, I'm used to pouring my heart and soul into my projects, but THIS much time, effort and money for a 22 minute pilot-presentation? It's over-the-top. I've honestly never put THIS much into a project in my life. I'm literally spending my nervous system to make this happen. Absolutely EVERYTHING that is in my control, I'm going to push to the limit...
...and if I'm lucky, someone else will take half the credit. <throws hands up>