4:13 PM, Friday, October 9th 2009:
Can you believe it? I have the same birthday as the White House dog. I woke up today dumbfounded. What an honor.
Oh and the other news? Yeah I have my two cents, and it may or may not surprise you. But I have to start this with the text I gave my father:
"How many times do you think Rahm said "fuck" today?"
'Cause to say there's no upside politically for Obama this morning is to say the VERY least. However, for all of you who really are shocked, let this be a wake-up call: Bush was that bad.
See, in America, we tend to have the attention span of... well, Americans. Our outrage is soon replaced by joy because our sports teams are doing well. We forget the bad times 'cause it's easier, and our lives are relatively easy. The rest of the world? Not so much. When the number one superpower pre-emptively invades a country that was never a threat while saying that anyone who isn't WITH them in this policy is an enemy? You remember that. In fact it never leaves you. When you watch that country tell the UN to go fuck themselves and invade anyway? There's reason to be concerned. It's one thing when a small group of assholes terrorize a nation with suicide runs, but it's an entirely different thing when the richest, most powerful nation in the world pushes their own agenda with zero consideration for the rest of the planet. It is scary. In fact it's so remarkably pressing on the rest of the world's minds that simply the "changing of the guard" warrants such celebrations and accolades they're thankful enough to hand the poor bastard the Nobel Peace Prize. A poor bastard that KNOWS he's done nothing yet to deserve it, who is already fighting his critics for being "The Christ of the World" and the only mistake he made was waking the hell up today. I hope he got a good chuckle out of it. He better learn to laugh, because that man has more pressure on him than literally any president I've ever witnessed or studied. He can't possibly live up to this hype...
...or can he? He sure takes this all in stride, and proves the naysayers wrong. It's uncanny. The fact that we're this close to a public option in health care with all the money from the insurance companies lining the politicians' pockets is astounding. He's one shrewd mofo. I'm just an interested observer at this point because his election meant more to me than any policy he may pass. I'm just glad someone with an IQ higher than mine is running the show, the rest? I don't have enough info to pass judgement (and people need to realize they don't either). No, until he makes some egregious and scandalous mistake, he has my full support. I'm gonna give him some time. I gave Bush over 2 years. Seriously! And to hear the far left so pissed off 'cause all of Bush's policies weren't immediately overturned? How fucking naive are we? That's why our presidential campaigns in this country are FUBAR. We demand details before they have the information - and are then furious when they actually GET the information and it changes their opinion? SHOULDN'T IT? Jesus. Chill, the fuck, out people. The atrocities to the constitution that Bush implemented are here. They are embedded. They are going to take time to POLITICALLY work through. Which means ya know when the most shit is gonna happen? End of his second term. DUH. He can't do it his first year, he'll create so much hatred he'll lose the House AND the Senate in 2010 nevermind lose his re-election bid. Let the system work. Let the man do his job. Get off his nuts and open a history book. Look at past administrations, and the pace of them. Then remember what Obama was handed on January 20th...of THIS YEAR. Chill, the fuck -- OUT. Sorry, I'm clearly talking to one person (my political junkie friend) who goes apeshit because everything Bush didn't wasn't reversed on January 21st.
And one other thing... Bush created a culture of such suspicion that it seems we forget he isn't in ofice. Bush gave us REASONS to doubt. And even THAT took awhile, ya know? Before him however, if you actually care about being fair and balanced, you gave the president a LOT of rope. I did it with Bush! You think I wasn't proud of him when he held that bullhorn at ground zero? You think I wasn't proud of the speech he gave after 9/11 when the world called him stupid for so long? I didn't want the world to think of our leader as a dolt, and that speech was incredible. I'm not a Democrat, I'm not partisan... so I was proud of my leader for being strong and couragous. I don't care what his fuckin policies were, just as I disagree with soooooooooo many liberal policies! That has NOTHING to do with supporting the president....
...but then Bush went into Iraq, STAYED in Iraq, when the rest of the world said: "huh?". It all broke down. People quit his administration (Richard Clark) and straight up called him out on treason. That Bush TOLD him to equate Iraq and 9/11 so we'd be able to invade.
What the fuck? Then you look at the finer details of the patriot act? Then you start to see things come together that should have made us ALLLLLLLL throw our hands up. Sending our bravest heroes to die is a LAST resort. How 'bout this:
Fire in a burning high-rise that the fire chief knows is completely evacuated, but he tells the firefighters to go in ANYWAY and while they're in, he radios them to grab some valuable paintings or some shit. They do it 'cause they're there anyway, some of them die, but some of the paintings are saved. As time goes on, the firefighters that do get out learn more about the motives of the fire chief. It's fucking unforgiveable.


THAT is when the support vanished for me. To use our men and women in the service inFURIATES me. So much so that I'm babbling about it now, during what should be a comical entry. Obama won the fucking Nobel Peace Prize simply because of the chaos Bush created. That's hilarious.
But again, as an observer to all this, you have to just feel for Barry. Seriously, is there anything more unfair than how he's been treated for the last 2 big news stories involving him? The Olympics and the Nobel Peace Prize? Two things he had no control over, two worldwide events, and he couldn't have come out unscathed. No matter what. He tried to get the Olympics in his hometown (which is also in our COUNTRY, remember?) and was chastised for wasting our time (I even heard conservative talk show hosts accuse him of knowing the outcome would be favorable, so it was all a ruse), then laughed at him when they went to Rio? And the hate and vitriol on the right abotu the Peace Prize? Check yourself bitches. Like - stop for one second. It's audacious to us 'cause Bush wasn't gonna bomb OHIO. The rest of the world that is cheering Obama like a celebrity? They're not buffoons. They're not gullible. In fact, they know more about world events than SARAH FUCKING PALIN. They cheered because Bush was such an absolute sea change for everything the US stood for - and they literally feel like Obama saved their LIVES. We don't think of it that drastically because all we can bitch about is health care.
So it's a good birthday present for me. I've been screaming an hollering about how criminal the Bush Administrations actions were for 5 years now. And even though the wars aren't over and things are just starting to change? The world gets it. He doesn't deserve it yet, nooooooooooooo doubt about that, but that's JUST how frightening the last 8 years were to the planet. So if this seems out-of-whack to you? If you think this is all about "celebrity" and the rest of the world must be naive? Look in the mirror. Do some research. If you think the other 5.5 Billion people on the planet are insane, that has to tell you something doesn't it?
Oh wait, it doesn't... 'cause the Buckeyes are playing a big game tomorrow.