6:45 PM, Thursday, October 8th 2009:
It occured to me after the last entry, that I've shown none of the actual plays that lead to such vitriol. Many of you thought I was just overacting. While you still may think that, I'm telling you - this game is made for a quasi-reality show. Watch these dozen plays, and then I'm gonna try to explain this better - 'cause we ain't actin'...
The only thing that is exagerrated is that those of us who have been practicing for a couple of months, know this is "for keeps". This is a tournament. This means something to everyone involved and the absolute crux of why this game gets under your skin? It's excruciatingly simple. All you do, is hit the ball into another square. That simpleness is what makes mental errors so FUCKING frustrating. It's a game of passing the buck. It's like hot potato. Give the problem to someone else to deal with...
...but then you decide to put a little english on it. So you try and put the ball in the back corner so they end up "dropping the ball" so to speak. Inevitably you get yourself out - and there's no more frustrating feeling in the world. The simplicity starts to eat at you and as you can see, you start to lose your cool. So I have to reiterate, we're not acting. Those of us who have been rehearsing and practicing want to win, REALLY BAD. And the only thing the camera does, is remind us that there's no going back. This is being documented for this show, and no one wants to lose in front of everyone.
I actually uploaded this video a couple days ago, and maybe it's the quality of the close-up shots or whatnot, but I can't believe how many of you think it's scripred or that we scripted lines like the "You touched my boob" line, etc. Amy isn't an actress, she's just competitive. JT is a self-admitted prick when it comes to all things competitive and wants to get under your skin. He does it weekly when we practice. It works. I am really, really, really serious about the whole thing because my nature is to excel at everything I ever attempt. When Amy yelled "REEEEEEEEEEEDO. REEEEEEEEEDO" I was fucking angry. Because I have a dual role of keeping the whole thing "fair" since it's my show, so for her to forget that I didn't GET A FUCKING REDO, pissed me off. That look in my eyes? Jesus. And that play where they're all ganging up on me, and then I make it out alive? I EXPLODED inside. This isn't made up. This isn't like other reality shows in that sense - I swear to you. It's the game. It really is the game.
Seriously - if you're at all competitive? Go grab 3 of your friends and some chalk, and draw a 4-Square court. Play for an hour. I don't know what it is, but it gets under your skin. Listen, everyone thought I was crazy. The first couple guys that came over - were just humoring me. And then, they just kept coming back. They started telling friends (who thought they were insane), but now after seeing the footage - some of them get it. It's a bizarre sport that I think has room to grow very, very popular -- and I think this show is gonna be wildly entertaining. SOOOOOOOOOOO much more than I expected. And the biggest reason?
...'cause you guys haven't even seen any of the interviews! You don't know any of the backstories. You don't know who the couples are, who the pairings are, what the plotlines are... and it's still fun to watch. So when I get the whole thing together? Whew. Just couldn't be more excited about this project. And I cannot begin to tell you how badly I want to win. We're doing the entire series in two shooting days and this Sunday will crown the champion. There's at least 6 people that completely believe they can win it. That's gonna make for some intense moments and some looooooooooooong rallies. And don't ask me. I will not tell the ending. If I get any IMs about the outcome you're getting a big "no comment" from me. And no one involved is gonna say shit, and I'm gonna make them all sign non-disclosure agreements to boot. I need you all to watch when this thing starts airing, and it'll be that much more dramatic if you have no idea how it ends.
Very, very, very pumped. BRING IT ON.
PS - 145 hours and 45 minutes until I finally cracked. A new personal record for me. I'll try again in November - maybe I can make it to the 12th. :-)