11:22 AM, Monday, October 5th 2009:
In the scheme of things in this "Journey", this will most likely be a minor footnote, but it doesn't lessen how good it feels to have some wild vision in your head become a reality - and then wind up being even better than you had hoped. It's the foundation of my life to make crazy ideas a reality, and make them a success, and 6 months ago when I put up what everyone thought was an "April Fools' Day" joke -- I couldn't have asked for a better execution from everyone involved. It's a testament to just how inherrently dramatic this game is. I knew in my SOUL that if I got the right people together, they too would get attached to it - and it would absolutely write itself... didn't realize however that I would be a victim of looking like a bit of a bitch.
It all comes down to rules that we've loosely agreed on, that are hard as hell to officiate. When you get really competitive? This is a game of inches. The rule in question is one that the best player, JT, made up because my serves were really good. However, I want balance so I acquiesced to it, but still have issues. My issue is that they want to call "foot faults" when your foot passes the PLANE of a line, as opposed to actually TOUCHING the line - which I believe is assanine as hell, and hard to call. This game is like Tennis and foot faults are called when you touch, not when you cross. But we did agree to it, and I was called on it in a really important game in the show. In the actual show, this segment will be cut down dramatically 'cause these are 5-7 minute shows that cover multiple games, but I had to show the long version to you guys, just so you see how heated this gets. We aren't acting. This isn't being played for the camera (at least I wasn't). This might be the most legitimately pissed off I've ever been on camera and honestly rivals some of the angrier moments of my life. HA.
So in the end, thankfully, the right thing happened. In all honesty, I care so much about making this fair and balanced, I will listen to nearly any grievance. I want to win, but I want to win fairly. And, it's my baby - I don't want it to look like I stacked the deck in my favor: that does not make for a good show. You look at the video, my foot does cross the plane right before I touch the ball - but it's a very difficult thing to expect the judges to catch (foot cross vs. foot touch), and we're gonna argue over a few rule changes in the next episode to make this easier to officiate. 'Cause as entertaining as the fighting can be? When we're in the final game, we have to get this right - or it'll kill the whole show.

And poor CeBe. This is the saddest holdover from the insanity that was my relationship with Donna. This poor puppy now can't handle even the slightest excitement in my voice... or really anyone's. Hell, the last time Donna came over and she just told me a story, the dog got all freaked out because of her tone. So a bunch of loud, angry men yelling? CeBe is finding a pair of legs to hide under. So sweet.

So the first day of shooting went perfect. It was a ridiculous amount to try to pull off in one day (we're doing the whole 13 week series in 2 days) and everyone did great. Interviews were great, alliances were great, drama was great... I seriously believe that this show could get kids around the world to start buying chalk and making 4-Square courts on their driveways or in their backyards and playing competitively. There are competitive leagues around, but it has a "nerdy jockish" type feel. There's something about the dirty realness of this NOT being in a gymnasium, but in a backyard that really, really works.
Alright, I have 8 hours of footage to wade through and once I get a couple shows done, I'll start the talks back up with Atom Films. That will determine when they're up...
...and oh yeah, there's the whole Comedy Central show to completely write and produce still. GODDAMN I LOVE BEING BUSY!!!!!!!