1:16 PM, Thursday, September 24th 2009:
So I call Gary Mann's office this morning. I've left messages with his assistant every day for the past week. The assistant, Joe, apologizes for the game of phone tag and says he can help. I had a smartass inner-moment to giggle at that one. Calling this "phone tag" is like calling masturbation "sex". LMAO. He says he can book the date with me and brings up the calendar.
HUH?!? It was that easy? Something I've wanted since JULY? So Comedy Central has the theater from Monday - Thursday and they're booked all through October. First opening is November 2nd, but I wanted it closer to the weekend for my dad to be able to fly out, and that left Thursday the 12th. And there it was. After weeks of aggrivation, in 3 minutes it was done. I hang up and as I'm dialing my father to tell him the news, I jump on The Journey because it occurs to me that date was very close to the infamous The Comedy Store date from 2001...
Close? Try exact. You have to be kidding. The Journey's first 10 years are going to be bookended by one special date, that at the time, were the biggest nights of my life. I got the chills of a lifetime when I saw that it was the exact same date. You simply could not have written it any better.
Crazier? Same concept. The TVs, the characters, everything. And all RIGHT before Entry #1000 and the 10 year anniversary. It has such a Disney feel to it that you have to wonder why I even stress about it. Then again, if it weren't for my constant stressing, plotting, calling... this would never have been booked. But I can't deny the Journey Gods for that date... oh shit, I should let them strike...
The Gleeful God
The November God
~* ~ summoning the power of the Journey Gods...STRIKE!!~* ~
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ NOVEMBER!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~ GLEEFUL!!! ~* ~ ZAPPOW! ~* ~
I'm so bad at remembering to put The Journey Gods in. Recently the news was so overwhelming and emotional - they cheapened it too much. And when I'm pissed off, the last thing I want to do is insert fucking cartoon characters. No this is a perfect "Journeyriffic" moment to be playful and just rejoice: it is booked. November 12th, at 8 pm. Taping "Adam & The Egos" for Comedy Central at the Hudson Theater in Hollywood. I will have all the produced bits ready, and the audience will see the playback as the whole thing is taped live. Tech rehearsal that afternoon.
Wow. If the last 7 weeks were the slowest in my life, can you imagine how fast the next 7 will be?