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11:35 AM, Monday, August 31st, 2009:
We. Have. Contact.
Of course I get a voicemail without my phone ringing and it's Josh. I hate that I can get the notice that I have a voicemail and no fucking ring. Though... hmmm - isn't there some service that allows you to call the voicemail instead of the phone? Would be a pretty smooth move if you were avoiding someone. ANYWAY.
Josh and I finally connected Friday and he asked me to put together a one-sheet to sort of refresh Jim's memory of the show. Funny thing of course was that when I met with him in May, we didn't even HAVE a show idea (much to my chagrin) and I had to just jump in on-the-spot and explain The Egos as the houseband concept. Jim really dug that idea. I remember feeling kinda pissed that Robb & Gary were... omg. Weren't those the names in the ambiguously gay duo on Saturday Night Live? <just checked> ACE and Gary... sorry. Christ I'm on a tangent this morning. Anyway - I was pissed they didn't think we should have an idea of what the show should be for the meeting. Looking back, it was a Busch League move and I guess that doesn't surprise me at all. Thankfully though, I've thought of it daily since, and have a good idea of how it's gonna play out.
Anyway - here's what I sent Josh just a few moments ago:
Sorry, I know that's hella big, but I didn't want to down-size it because it blurs the font since I just did a screen capture of Word. It was made to print.
ANYWAY - pretty cool right? I get so excited when I see this show in my head, and I can't imagine Comedy Central has had a concept come before them that is more original or exciting... even on paper.
Video-wise, I've just made everything I can possibly make concerning demos of The Egos. I hate to re-use Journey Videos unless they're absolutely perfect fits, but this is just a topic/concept that has been repackaged to death.
So hard to believe this is two years old. I made this right after CBS when I was just losing my mind that I wasn't getting anywhere with it. Glaringly obvious now that it had nothing to do with me (Alisa's ability to get me a next-day meeting with Josh at 3 Arts shed some light on what the problem was in 2007), but it certainly created some great little demo reels. It's just so obvious now that this was gonna get picked up.
And can I mention again how frustrated I am with Weller/Grossman? I know I'm a broken record, but considering that at the beginning of this month I was laboring over my loyalties to them and now I'm seeing just how close they came to destroying this entire thing, it bears repeating. I am more than fortunate that it happened now and not further into production, but because of them - we really are starting over with a strike against us. Jim hadn't heard a WORD from them since May. What the fuck? We have to get him RE-excited. That's just unforgiveable. But again, I'm fortunate as hell to have 3 Arts as the middle-man now. And that one-sheet has to get them excited.
Finally, the title is a bit of my smart-ass coming out, for sure. LOL. I sent the email like throwing grass into the wind. I sent it knowing I won't hear from him, knowing I'll have to email him tomorrow asking if he got it. Knowing I'll have to leave a message and baby-sit the whole thing just to know it has been received. It's excruciating. But that's why I document this. Because I will get to a point where that shit won't happen, and I don't want to take it for granted. August 2009. Hell, July AND August. And who are we kidding: September.
Alright - my new phone will be here any minute. Need to go pace. I'm finally moving into the 21st Century. More on that in the next entry... that will be unlocked!!!!