entry locked until 10.19.09
1:57 PM, Tuesday, August 25th, 2009:
Jesus "The Journey" likes to pile on. I knew doing that "float" video was gonna be a race. I got it done super-quick, but I had actually envisioned doing a few verses in the car, or at the store, etc. And wondered what would happen if I got a call in the middle of the line. As it was, it happened while the video was uploading and I was finishing the entry. And now of course you all want to kill me because you want to know what THE FUCK HAPPENED.
You know I taped this.
Man, this is so reminscent of the call from Charlotte about Aspen in 2001 becaue I have a similar haircut. However I actually had a shirt on in that video. Oh and to everyone giving me shit about the shirtless thing - it's fucking HOT in LA and I have pants on, I just don't wear a shirt to bed and I honestly fucking did the video in the morning as I was getting up. Trying to keep it real bitches. So, the news...
...which I guess I'm gonna have to paraphrase because THAT video is gonna be private for a LOOOOOOOONG time. So much inside stuff that I'm not honestly sure would ever be good to have public? So tough to tell - but that's why you lock it now and make the decision later. So basically:
-Josh was extremely sorry, he had been "off the radar" and he didn't have anything concrete to tell.
-Josh had been in contact with Jim, though not about specifically nixing Weller/Grossman, but they've been in contact and then Jim went on vacation. Josh needs to more define in his head what to do next - whether he wants to set up another meeting with Comedy Central.. but he is still very much in it.
-Jim was wondering what had happened as he never heard a word from Weller/Grossman (actually pretty surprising to me, I'm now certain Weller/Grossman has redefined incompetent) and Josh let him know that there were contract issues and that now 3 Arts was kind of in the picture. They didn't really complete this conversation before Jim went on vacation. (That's such a strange thing to write - they didn't "complete" the conversation. Were vocabulary words missing from their scripts at the time? How does this happen?!?! LOL)
-Laura mentioned my concern over losing Comedy Central because of Weller/Grossman being nixed and Josh repeated that it was a complete non-issue. Jim knows what 3 Arts can bring to the table and what Weller/Grossman can bring to the table... Jim is a businessman first.
-Laura said budget shouldn't be an issue and Josh said "I know that, but I want this to be good!" He specifcally mentioned that he doesn't want to go to the stage and just "throw something together" that he wants it to be good. (which as I'm typing this actually means even more than when I initially heard it. Josh cares about this project no matter what the 3 weeks of silence was).
-Josh is gonna call me today.
So yay... I think? I mean god this is fucking INFURIATING. Nothing is set! I have nothing in writing or even verbally. No commitment from Paradigm, 3 Arts OR Comedy Central. No date, no time frame... I mean I can't just get really happy that a PHONE CALL was returned and lose sight of the fact that there's nothing to really hang my hat on. I mean, well... that's not totally true. Comedy Central gave me the studio space in May and everything is still positive... AND 3 Arts has contacted them as a player here. So... that much is done. And I can't reiterate enough what a huge player 3 Arts is in comparison to Weller/Grossman. And can I just say...
...fuck Weller/Grossman for dropping the ball SO HARD. I am flabbergasted. Speechless. So angry. They had NO BUSINESS trying to act on my behlaf because they're completely CLUELESS as to what should happen here. Their ineptness could've cost me this entire gig and had it not been for Paradigm? It would have. That is NO longer in doubt. What the fuck are they DOING over there? Forget their lack of business-sense, does it ever occur to them that people's lives are involved here? I know that seems kinda romantic and flowery to bring up, but they sure fuckin had MY loyalty. My bleeding heart was thinking about how I was gonna help THEIR company move into the next level since they hadn't done comedy before, and how I knew they were on the downside - and this could really make things happen. Were they EVER thinking about my side of things? About trying to work with me? They didn't even try and negotiate this. They said, no budget, if Adam wants to do more than what he's already done - he has to pay for it - CLICK. Never keeping in contact with Comedy Central after THREEEEEEEEEEEE MONTHS. Jim is wondering what the fuck is going on... it's just amazing to me. It is absolutely no wonder their business is faltering when this is how they manage their projects. This is the last time I bring my feelings towards them up. It serves no purpose, but I gotta say - it's been on my mind this ENTIRE waiting period because NONE of this would be happening if they just did, their, fucking, job.
"I'm the guy that did my JOB, you must be the OTHER guy."
Thank you Mark Wahlberg.
So now I wait to hear back from Josh, which is also keeping me from running at the moment because I want to get this on tape, but the last time I waited for a call from Josh - weeks passed. LOL. And also a big fuck you to the month of August and EVERYONE GOING ON VACATION. I mean what I said in the last entry - I really need to surround myself with people who have been in my shoes specifically because I feel SOOOO isolated.
But goddamn, what journey...