11:18 PM, Sunday, August 16th, 2009:
I am absolutely stunned. I had no idea it would be so invisible. In fact, I wish I actually gave more of a shit about the mole now - because I would be hella-happy. Since it never really bothered me I'm just pleasantly surprised.

What gets me, is this was really, really big. It took 7 stitches. As well, the front of it came out quite a bit from the crease of my nose and he was adament that because of that - there would be a noticeable distortion in comparison to the other side.

It is identical. In fact it really does look photoshopped to me. The line runs parallel to my crease and just barely curves forward, but is so perfectly level with the nostril it's nearly invisible.

Stunned. It's just unnoticeable... and it's only been 10 days. Crazy.


Even if I stretch it to the side, you just can't see anything unless you come really, really close... and then your first question is:  "Well shit, what the hell does a crease look like before surgery!?" Wow, wow, wow.

So I just have to sing the praises of one Dr. Brent Moelleken. A google search shows that he's a very well-known plastic surgeon who has done several plastic surgeries on televsion and invented many new proceedures. It's a bit ridiculous to single him out for freaking MOLE removal when he's clearly done revolutionary shit... but he's not doing my breasts, so mole removal it is. :-)
Joking aside, I'm well aware how much room there was for a surgeon to choose a different cut, a different set of stitches, etc. and this was absolutely flawless. So for what's it worth, I can't recommend him anymore. Ha. I guess that should be "I can't recommend him any more..." Big difference. :-)
I just devoted an entire entry to recommending a good plastic surgeon. Nothing LA about that Adam. Ooh, and talking about yourself in the 3rd person! Oh and the locked entries that surround these 2 "mole" entries! The most "LA" month of my entire life. Ooh Ooh and the next one about signing the Donna divorce papers on my wedding anniversary to Jess! The hits just keep on coming!!! LMAO.