10:38 AM, Friday, August 7th, 2009:
When I saw Jordan's #45 instead of #23 in Indianapolis in March of '95 I was pretty disappointed. He was already gonna be under a microscope as people compared him to his former greatness, but now every single highlight reel would have a distinct timestamp so there was no doubt. I guess MJ thought was aware of it too 'cause #23 came back in the playoffs and stayed for good.
The truth is, I never minded the mole and in fact liked it. But it just got too big. Gotta test that thing. It's strange that every picture/video of me will instantly say "Before or after August 2009" from this point on. And considering the past few days of my life the timing and symbolism of that isn't lost on me at all. Yes, I'm still struggling with what those three entries hold (estimated time of unlock somewhere between 2 months and never), and in the back of my head know my character changed right under my nose. I always thought I'd see the gradual change in character with The Journey. But you never do. It always comes down to moments of choice and you realize your decision is unexpected, but nonetheless... you. Letting Jess go back in '04 was one of those moments. Goddamn, 2000 Adam is gonna have a FIELD day with me in this movie next year isn't he?
So, the proceedure was simple. Of course I snuck in my camera and got a bit of the "clean-up". I was already aware that taping the actual proceedure would not only gross all of you out, but has all sorts of legal ramifications for the doctor, so I didn't even attempt it. But I'm pretty impressed that I got the shots I did considering my position while holding the camera. :-)
Very strange how formal and then informal it is. I've had 2 deviated septum surgeries and my tonsils out and you never just jump off the table and walk down the hallway whistling. Wow, it just occured to me I've now had 3 legitimate proceedures on my nose that weren't nose jobs. LOL. Anyway, I was apparently way too mellow already to get valium (I'll be sure to change that character flaw for next time) and other than the pinch of the needle as they were numbing it? Painless. If not a bit surreal. Nothing like hearing a loud SNAP and the doctor goin' "Ya doin' alright?" and realizing a chunk of your nose just came off. Good times.
And man, that sucker was big. Doc said that the roots weren't abnormally deep or anything. He also said there's a 1 in 20 chance that the mole grows back. He said he would've had to take a LOT out to make that 0% and unless it's cancerous, there's really no reason to dig that much out. We should know the results next week.
I got 10 vicodin for the pain and of course, that means it's time for everyone's favorite game: "how many can we save for when we're not in pain so we can act loopy!" I joke, only because I'm far too cheap to actually be addicted to vicodin. Fuckers are like $10 a pill on the street. That's a lot of subway sandwiches man. Ha. But I have no problem admitting that I will withstand copious amounts of pain just to save them. LOL. That's drug abuse, right? I'm admitting to drug abuse. Hmmmm. Is this smart? Clearly since you're reading it I eventually figure it's no big deal. I just actually think it's funny that my mindset is to suck up the pain to save the pills for later. And I am so not alone here, don't you get all judgemental. I'm being honest as fuck right now.
The pain actually, was nothin'. I mean even this morning (been just under 24 hours as I'm writing this) is just kind of a dull ache. I took some tylenol yesterday... no big whoop. I've been through some pretty intense paing (the king at smashing my finger in a door) and that ache is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more intense. And I never even went to a doctor for that. As Chris Rock said: "You gotta be well past Robitussin..." And especially without insurance. Seriously, I think I would build my own cast for a broken leg if it came down to it.
And one quick word on insurance - if a health care bill gets passed with ANY sort of public option - everyone needs to BLOW Barry. Didn't we all learn from the campaign last year to reserve judgement until we see how it works out? Remember how much we (me included) slammed Obama for not being harder on Hillary, and it was months of pundits and dems talking about what he was doing wrong, etc. He even had to give a speech about it saying: "Dude, I've got this, we're gonna win." because his base was so worried. And now all these articles about what he needs to do better, and yadda, yadda, yadda. If this Health Care bill gets passed with ANY sort of public option, in less than a year he has done more than any president EVER in regards to overhauling that system. Of course it will be flawed, but it's a start. So while the media goes apeshit, polls shoved in everyone's faces, all this hoopla about how he doesn't know what he's doing, he may actually have known exactly what he was doing the entire time. Just like the campaign, and just like the rest of his freaking life. Right now that's still a big "IF", but I'm gonna reserve judgement until we see the final bill.
Will society ever just calm the hell down? I mean, I'm dying to see the scar on my nose, but I'm not gonna rip off the bandage. Wow, maybe California does make you mellow out more. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm gonna go take a nap.