2:45 AM, Saturday, July 25th, 2009:
I started the birthday song thingee with Kenny when he turned 10 my first year out here, and now that he's a few months shy of 20 (what the hell is happening to the world), I've adopted Lila as my honorary birthday song recipient. However I've decided instead of the usual birthday song to fit her name into random songs as her name is rather poetic. Bay City Rollers for the win!
The entry however, I must admit, is gonna be a little more diffiicult. I was able to write to Kenny most of the years, but I'm not really sure what's feasible for at least a few more years. Though she is the most spookingly intelligent 2 year old I've ever spent time with. She's a bit small for her age to begin with, so when full sentences come out at lightening speed as she chomps down on edamame and california rolls, part of you feels like you're watching a special effect ala Benjamin Buttons. I have honestly seen 4-5 year olds that don't have this type of grasp on vocabulary/language and seeing a little kid WANT to eat edamame and sushi? Huh? I love it. She has raised the bar for any future offspring.
Other cute stuff: kid rarely if ever watches TV. Since one of the only things she has watched on it was an Obama speech she calls the TV "bama". That's fun. She also called him Curious George when she saw him the first time, which is also really fun. Brotha looks like Curious George. From the hairline to the ears, it's just completely undeniable. Explosive as hell to say depending on how much of a douchebag you are, but Lila is most certainly not a douchebag - and that makes it very cute. Heh.
So happy-happy birthday to Lila and hopefully these videos will make her a bit less scared of me when I see her again. Heh. I wonder if she can even connect that? Like, we've skyped before - and I can't fathom how that processes in a 2 year old brain. What seemed like science-fiction magic when I was a kid, is now completely commonplace. Crazy.
"Running Randoms" next week with the world-wide running vid and several thoughts on Curious George being...human.