10:24 PM, Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009:
This will be one of the stranger entries I write. :-)
So, I woke up yesterday fightin' a headache. Nothin' seemed to work and finally I just took a nap around 2pm. I had Chris Mathews Hardball on a loop on msnbc.com and ended up having all sorts of dreams (which is super-rare for me) but the scene that stuck out was this:
I'm on the set of Hardball, and I'm pregnant. I'm one of the guests, but they are too busy talking about politics. And I'm pacing thinking "For fuck's sake, I'm a pregnant MAN - what more do I have to do?". All the while thinking of Entry Titles to explain this little chapter.
I ended up sleeping for nearly 3 hours and when I woke up it was pretty interesting to me. I immediately thought of the line in the Young & The Restless Egos bit from Cameron "I'm Pregnant..." OOOH THERE'S the video! Wahoo! AND the entry title. Dig it. Love when that all comes together...
...you know I could just edit that line out for a new video - but this episode was totally underappreciated. I gotta give it some love.
Anyway, I've never dreamt I was pregnant before - and even remembering a dream is pretty rare for me. I'm of the opinion that you only dream if you have unresolved issues. And every dream means something. It's your mind's way of workin' through shit. So it brings us to what has been on my mind...
I did hear from my agent on Monday and unfortunately we need the lawyer to look over some stuff and he's on vacation this week (she was on vacation the week before) - which means a whole 'nother week of nothing. Frustration is finally setting in. I want so badly to start working on this thing and as much as I've enjoyed the rest... I'm ready to prove myself.
I jump online and was telling a friend about the dream. She responds with a google search:
"A man who dreams of being pregnant himself is often in a situation where his virility or creative participation in the world is in question. This occurs most among men who see themselves as less creative than they would like to be. The dream serves as a form of compensation to illuminate the more creative facets of their personality. Men who are pregnant do not give birth exclusively to children, but a wide range of objects that somehow support their mission in the world."
Isn't that awesome? I've gotta say, dream interpretation has always been dead-on accurate for me. It really amazes me that our sub-conscious processes issues in similar ways. you would think that environment or upbrining would be so drastic there'd be no common bond - but universally... teeth falling out in a dream for example - is insecurity about something, falling in a dream is about being out of control, etc.. Across every culture, creed, millenium... as humans that's how we sub-consciously process insecurity or control issues? That just seems unbelieveable to me. How can it really be that universal?
I guess there could be other men who have dreamt about being pregnant and had none of the present issues I've described... who knows. But what a strange thing to dream. Though shit, lemme re-google it - maybe there's more than one definition...
Oh my dear lord was this a stupid entry. There's about 20 definitions the more you search. Shit. People know fuck-all about this. I'm a moron. I just did an entire entry on how it's all dead-on accurate and I fell for the freaking "astrology" game. Enough variations and vagueness on definitions and you cover everyone. Did I just write this entire thing? <rolling eyes>
Well shit. What the hell do I do now? I want to erase this entire thing and act like it never happened. LOL. It's still an interesting dream no matter what - and you can't doubt that me pacing on a tv set because they're not interviewing me doesn't need a lot of interpretation. All you have to do is read about me getting bumped on Olbermann's show in '06 for that one. I do find it funny that not only did I have a lot to offer in my dream on the show about what's coming up on Comedy Central, but I was FREAKING PREGNANT and they still kept talking politics. :-)
Speaking of which - you catch Obama tonight? Will I ever stop being impressed? I even think the health care plan is all sorts of flawed and might be a bit too ambitious at the moment... but you cannot come away from one of his press conferences and not believe he's got a handle on things. It's just impossible. It's not a subjective statement to say he has an unbelieveable grasp on the issues he speaks of and articulates his points so clearly that if you're paying attention you forget he's a politician. It feels like you're in school. He's not dancing around the issues. I mean, his answers might not be completely forthcoming, but even that seems well articulated. It's that when asked about a subject he breaks it down so well that you follow his thought-process COMPLETELY. Agree or disagree you know he's got every angle processed in his mind at all times. I don't remember this level of intellect even with Clinton. I just can't remember any politician I've ever seen speak that was actually intent on having you understand him. It's almost always the opposite. They try to spin you around enough so as to cover their own shortcomings (take just about any line Sarah Palin ever utters). Even smart politicians tend to direct your intellect to the door while they spin and tap dance. But Obama actually takes the time to explain his points fully, and really set-up how he got to that opinion. Now again, you may disagree with him... but he seems to respect your intelligence enough to carefully describe his positions. It's a pleasure to listen to him answer questions and watch his mind work. And my goodness when he said "I'd be shot" if he tried to break-in to the White House? WHEW. I mean, yeah - funny as fuck.... but whew. I went a good 3 months without obsessing about him getting assassinated... now I'm gonna think about it again... UGH.
Anyway - a random coming up here before the end of the month. So much I want to get into and as you saw in this entry, my mind is all over the place. No better cure for that then a Randoms Entry.