2:05 PM, Thursday, July 16th, 2009:
Getting some humorous reactions from everyone on the news from the last entry. I guess it's not really clear to some people how I operate. It's always been about positivity. Always about openness, honesty, communication - even when things end as society would deem:  "badly". That's why the bizarre turn of events with Donna bother me. I know there's nothing I can do, and in reality nothing I would do even if I could, that's just not the point. My friend is in pain. Someone I love dearly, whom I handed my nervous system for a couple years, is in trouble - and I feel uneasy. That's all it is. Because as many of you have pointed out, the timing of all this? Couldn't be better. To have everything with us cleared up in a matter of weeks? Yeah, that's completely in-line with all the other amazing things that have come together in the last 3 months. So personally, selfishly and cosmically - it's "dancing a jig" time... but I don't operate completely on that level. I'm deeply concerned for her, and not being able to communicate is nails on a chalkboard for me. Just gotta try and fill your time with other stuff...
...like completely destroying your dog's self-confidence. LMAO. Oh how fun is THIS:
HAAAAAAAAAAA. So freaking funny.
Ironically, the last time I did this was with Donna in '07 and we just laughed our asses off. This video was actually taken right before I got served yesterday and I was gonna call her to see if she wanted to hang out and do it again. So bizarre. Anyway...
I know she looks horrible, but I don't care. I was able to sweep 6 months worth of hair in 2 minutes. This is a good thing. It's all about the convenience. Which I'm realizing is why we all had shitty haircuts as kids 'cause our parents didn't wanna fuck with it all the time. Granted, the pup will indeed be cooler - but she looks like an absolute dork and honestly? She's self-conscious about it. She feels totally awkward and keeps curling up next to me and actin' funny. Oh and I'm well aware of it being too short for her to be in the sun too much, but the pups have free reign to go inside and outside thanks to a doggie door - and CeBe stays inside nearly 99% of the day. She's no dummy. Besides, she doesn't want anyone to see her with a haircut that bad. :-)
On the "big news" front - I'm pretty sure I'm going to unlock everything next week after my first production meeting. There's just not a lot to hide at the moment, and there's enough space now that we know it's all really happening and things are in motion. So expect a pretty meaty entry in a couple of days and for those that don't know what the May 28th news holds... be prepared to fall over. The last 2 months will make a LOT more sense.
Things just couldn't be better. Talked with Laura and her friend Peter about what I'm gonna be doing - and they're all so freaking jazzed. You forget, ya know? Peter hadn't seen any of my stuff, and when she showed him - she got excited again. 'Cause really - it becomes common place until you watch a new person's reaction... and then you feed off their vibe and you get all giggly. :-) So of course I went over there and had a "happy-fest" with them both as I told them how it's all gonna work. This is really happening. The timing is impeccable - and everyone, mark your calendars - 'cause on January 2nd, in Columbus - we're gonna throw a HUUUUUUUUUUGE party. Entry #1000 on the 10 year Anniversary.
...now to actually produce 67 more entries of content by the end of the year. Wow. I sure do like a challenge don't I?