Uploaded on July 14th, 2009
1:00 PM, Friday, July 10th, 2009:
I love that my idea of slacking is writing an entry about slacking. It's slacking because I haven't taken the time to upload the videos and make all the entry bars and embed the video links, etc. I'm slightly burnt out to say the least. But of course I'm still writing. It's the busy-work that I will someday pay someone else to do that is the real foundation of this site. Remember - all this shit is by hand. Other bloggers that just log into a site and type their thoughts and hit submit? Fuck them. LOL. It's all part of a master-plan of course. It's why I can't imagine anyone going from 1 to 1000 with a normal blog, but it happens quite often with The Journey. There's a painstaking amount of effort put into the details to make this one congruent story that you really can go all the way through.
But right now? I am sooooooooooooo enjoying the jet-lag. It doesn't matter if I go to sleep at midnight and get up at 8am... come 2 or 3? I crash like I'm coming off a sugar high and take a 2 hour nap. And I have nowhere to be, nothing to do (except get up all the entries in July) and I am LOVING it. I meet with Weller/Grossman next week for our first production meeting... my agent is out of town all next week - for once the normal excruciating bureaucracy of Hollywood is a welcome respite from my over-productive mottis operandi. Oh and I LOVE my house. I LOVE my freaking TV! OMG! Remember how big that shit is? I totally forgot. I watched the 30 June videos on it the other night and my jaw just dropped.
Not a big fan of my renter burning holes in my rug because brotha smoked a HOOKAH in the living room and the hookah got knocked over and all the coals fell out. My favorite part of this story? He blamed it on the dog. LOL. I shit you not. He's clearly a little nervous when he's telling me what happened (he's 19, and my voice is big so it's kinda fun) and he goes: "And uhm, dude - like I think CeBe knocked it over or something I don't know..." not even for a second thinking of the audacity of blaming the dog when you decided it was a good idea to smoke a HOOKAH in the living room. LOL. You actually have to laugh. It's like having a kid that accidentally sets fire to the living room rug... oh shit. Ha! He totally pulled a Marty McFly! 'Cept wasn't Marty 9 when he did that? Dawg has no excuse. Anyway - it's all short-lived as he lost his job and can't afford to stay (he was gonna stay for the summer) and is now heading back east in a couple weeks. He says he'll pay me for the rug but I will be shocked if he actually does. I will publically exhonerate you Matt if you ever do, but my experience says I should've just confiscated your laptop. :-) Life's too short to make battles over "the principle" of it. Ever notice that? Whenever you hear someone say "but it's the principle of it!" ... it's almost always petty and something that they should let slide. In most cases, fighting for "principle" is a giant sign for that person that reads: "I'M NOT HAPPY WITH MY LIFE. And THESE are the battles I choose." Strange, 5 years ago I would've felt the exact opposite. It was all about principle - all about standing up for what's right and although I still do that for the big things... I have to focus my energy on shit that matters now. The hookah story is a funny anecdote and asking for integrity at 19 is like asking for integrity in Hollywood. Never expect it and be surprised when it happens.
Oh and I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow. I think my friends know that I'm bound by this site to accept anything that is even remotely interesting... simply for the Journey entry. I can't say no. It was the same thing with Adam Darling in March. That was a remarkable amount of free work... but it was an interesting read - so I just did it, no questions asked. However, I actually do want to support Paddy's short film that got into a film festival up there. "Spam Job" is incredibly well done and please add him (Padraic Culham) on Facebook so you can updates as to where it's playing around the country. Very original, very Paddy... and although the fucking last thing I want to do right now is travel in a car for a total of 12 hours in a 24 hour period - it's another entry and I'm trying to get to 1000 on January 2nd, 2010. It's gonna take everything I've got.
...including 10 4-Square show entries which I really shouldn't be slackin' on so hard, but after Comedy Central it just doesn't hold the same allure. Other than the fact that it's just really fuckin' fun. I'll get it goin' here soon...
...for now I have some sleepin' to do - 'cause (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn) it's hittin 2pm. Whew. This is literally the most relaxed and happy I've been... ever. I have been schemin' my entire life and this is honest-to-goodness the only time I can remember mentally being able to slow down.
...which you all may need to do to enjoy this video. (sigh) --quick aside, who starts 3 paragraphs in a row with elipses? A poor writer that's who -- so I went back and forth on whether to share this video because it's hard to not seem a little creepy for having a video camera in a bathroom stall. However, with my pocket cam - it's just always there and the dude next to me who was mumbling to his sphincter ad nauseum was too much to ignore. It's barely audible (and even living it, you could hardly understand anything) but I love it when he moves a bit too much and the toilet automatically flushes illiciting "I'm not done yet!" from the poor bastard.
I also love that after the toilet flushing 4 times, he takes a piss in it and then walks out. HA. That's comedy gold right there. There is something wrong with me for posting this, right? I went back and forth but the bottom line is - it's the truth. I did it. I think it's funny, and the last thing I'm gonna do is worry about being strange at this point. That ship sailed when I had an imaginary camera I mugged to instead of an imaginary friend when I was 5. I'm just not normal.
But that does mean I'm in the running for the Dos Equis guy in 30 years. Interesting.