Uploaded on July 13th, 2009
10:11 PM, Tuesday, July 7th, 2009:
This really is it. The TWELFTH FLIGHT. Lemme see if I can write out everything. Oooooh I should make an Indiana Jones video of it all. Done. More work. (sigh)
Flight 01 - Los Angeles to Boston (layover)
Flight 02 - Boston to London
Flight 03 - London to Amsterdam (layover)
Flight 04 - Amsterdam to Nairobi
Matatu (mini-van) - Nairobi to Masaii Mara
Matatu (mini-van) - Tanzania (border)
Matatu (mini-van) - Masaii Mara to Nairobi
Bus - Nairobi to Mombasa (layover)
Matatu (mini-van) - Mombasa to Malindi
Matatu (mini-van) - Malindi to Mombasa
Bus - Mombasa to Nairobi
Flight 05 - Nairobi to Paris
Flight 06 - Paris to Athens
Boat - Athens to Agistri Island
Boat - Agistri Island to Athens
Boat - Athens to Agistri Island (not a typo, I did this twice)
Boat - Agistri Island to Athens
Flight 07 - Athens to Venice
Train - Venice to Rome
Train - Rome to Venice
Flight 08 - Venice to London
Flight 09 - London to Boston
Flight 10 - Boston to Columbus
Flight 11 - Columbus to Minneapolis (layover)
Flight 12 - Minneapolis to Los Angeles
Watching it again, I guess that's kinda Indana 21st Century - the map and red line just doesn't cut it anymore. :-) As well as all that? The countless subway rides and local buses in-between. I'm kinda tired. I almost don't believe it's over. I feel like I need to go site-see in LA. Ha! That would be funny as shit. Do a video like I'm visiting Los Angeles. I so have to do that shit. Go see MJ's star or some shit. Oh and BY THE WAY...
In 2003 I had an idea (that I still think is FREAKING COOL) to get a bunch of interesting looking rocks, take pictures of them in cool locations -- here of course, on the star of your choosing -- and sell the rock and the picture so you could have it as your desktop with your rock on your desk/monitor. Just kinda cool for $10. Ya know? Of course being the uber-MJ fan I took the above picture. A picture I'm assuming won't be possible for quite some time with all the memorial shit. Man - I bet people will be crowding that shit for years.
Oh and on the memorial... anyone else think his ass was jumping out of the casket a la Thriller and just blowing everyone's mind? I was letdown when they took the casket away and he really was dead. LOL. And I know I'm gruesome - but they did open-casket for James Brown... I thought it would've been cool to see him lying there. Would've been funny if they just hadn't told the singers it was open-casket and they come out singing and lose their shit. God I'm sick. Obviously the emotional high point was Paris speaking. And it wasn't exploitive at all - she wanted to say something and they let her. You know what's exploitive? People writing headlines saying "Was it exploitive?". Irony. Love it. Oh and the older son is absolutely Arnie Klein's kid. They both have that same fucked up left eye thingee going on. Man I'm all sorts of insensiitve right now aren't I? Is it mean if it's true? Of course it is Adam. I'll blame it on the plane and how tired I am. Paris is pretty adorable though - and blanket just looked fuckin' terrified. The family sure seemed supportive and loving - I actually think the kids have a pretty good shot at being semi-normal now that they're not trotted out in masks and veils. How could MJ have ever thought that was a good idea?
What am I fucking saying. He slept with little boys AFTER having to pay that family twenty million and I'm questioning why he made his kids wear masks? HA. Perrrrrrrrrrrrrspective, Adam.
And, not to keep this rant going, but where is all this love coming from? Seriously - I lovvvvvvved MJ. I had no problem the last 15 years admitting I loved his music, loved the videos, just dug him.. but I was fucking ALONE. I believe Tyson is the only other person who I mentioned it to that totally agreed and even lent me some CDs to rip that I didn't have. NO ONE admitted to liking him and now? You'd think it was 1989. I honestly NEVER would've guessed the absolute erasure of the last 15 years of his life by the mainstream public. Now all the sudden we hear "well he wasn't found guilty". !?!?! This shit won't be happening when OJ dies, ya know? And it was pretty accepted that MJ fondled some pre-pubes and OJ slashed some noggins. And in most circles? MJ's actions were more heinous! Bizarre public reaction for sure.
However, I am glad the whole race issue was brought up at the memorial (even though the black community seemed to turn their backs on MJ the whiter he got) because he and Michael Jordan are absolutely the reason my generation is comfortable with black people. The two biggest humans on the planet in the 80s and 90s were black and it absolutely paved the way for Obama to be the next biggest thing on the planet in this decade. I mean it's kinda luck and timing really - both MJ's just did what they do and it hit... but historically, they're massive figures.
Kinda sucks that Ali actually did more and was much more outspoken... but therein lied the rub. Mainstream peeps weren't ready for that and there was a backlash. Jordan's complete lack of standing for anything actually moved race relations further. See Alanis, that's ironic. :-)
What a tangent. Let me scroll up to see what the hell I was supposed to be writing about. Ahh yes the 12th flight. Uhm... yup I'm on a plane. Again. I'm totally excited to sleep in my bed tonight and of course start work on... you know? First thing I ask them is when all this shit can be made public. At this point, I have no idea what telling the May 28th news would possibly hurt. And it sure will allow the month of June to make a LOT more sense. Somebody thought the "Today was for me" video was about being happy I made it to all of those destinations. (sigh). Yes, I cried like a little bitch because I traveled. Actually, I don't mean to be so shitty - for some people that would absolutely be very moving. For me however, it takes a LOT more. Woah, wow - we're descending into LA already.
I feel like I should have more in this entry than thoughts about MJ, but the truth is - I've written more about this trip than my last divorce.
Wow, that's not even a slight exagerration. I mean we've gone a full 33 entries away from my beloved blue entry bar of 2009. I will look forward to seeing it again. God, The Journey does strange things to your emotions. I miss a 670x90 graphic.
Welcome Home.