Uploaded on July 13th, 2009
2:29 PM, Friday, July 3rd, 2009:
Sometimes you're just not ready for it to be over...
So my flight from London to LA had a layover in Boston, and I figured why the hell not: Instead of going back to LA, let's just surprise everyone in Columbus for the 4th of July. One caveat: no flights out until the following day because of when my plane got in. Which to most people would really blow but for a lifelong fan of Cheers? Perfect.
There are two sitcoms that completely shaped how I write: Roseanne and Cheers. Although the characters were incredibly funny and colorful... they were real. You always felt like you could sit down and have a conversation with them. It allowed an emotional investment that few sitcoms reached. Especially with Cheers. So little of Cheers was based on the shakesperean comedy of errors stuff - but actual relationship situations. Kinda the start of the Dramedy when you think about it. So it was awesome to find this place that was used for the outside shots and have a burger. Not to kill the magic, but the bar on TV was a set in LA. Sucks right? Such is life. It's all just a set in LA. :-)
Of course this little adventure meant I was spending the night in the airport. I actually walked all the way to a Hilton attached to the airport (but still like 2 miles away) and it was friggin' $179 a night. BWAHAHAHA. 8 hours in bed... alone? $200? Hell no. I slept in a corner and considering the conditions I've adapted to the last month it was a breeze. Then this morning I traversed yet another subway system and found... uhm, Neil Diamond?
All I could think was: "Why the fuck would ANYONE play Neil Diamond THIS loud?". I was walking towards Beacon St. and he was BOOMING, and continued forever. Then he stopped and started talking and I realized it was actually a soundcheck. I found out later at a Starbucks that he was playing for the 4th of July which to the people in the neighborhood was a "Wicked Pissah" because of the traffic. And speaking of the accent... there's just none funnier. I sat in a Starbucks eavesdropping and just giggled like a schoolgirl. At no point does it seem like they're not putting each other on. Every other American accent seems to have a sincerity to it - but for some reason the Boston accent just strikes me as a bad parody. I love it though.
Cheers (actually the bull & Finch Pub) was really pretty cool. They don't totally rape you. In fact they invite people to come in just to look around, take pictures - without buying anything. And frigging PACKED. It opened at 11 and by 11:15, nearly every table was filled. I asked the waitress if it was always like that and she said nearly every single day... alllllllll day. It makes you wonder why they didn't make a "Central Perk" coffee chain during Friends. That shit could've gone crazy.
Anyway - I'm about to grab the plane and surprise the HELL out of my friends and family. No one has any idea. Which means this entry won't be uploaded until I'm probably back in LA on the 7th. Don't wanna piss anyone off that I don't have time to see. Then again, they will eventually see this.... hmmm. Ya just can't hide from The Journey can ya?
ps - holy shit, it's finally time to change the "June 2009" at the bottom. That only took THRITY entries to get to. Whew.