1145 PM, Sunday, June 28th, 2009:
So that's why everyone looks at me like I'm crazy for going to these places alone. 'Cause it kinda blows after awhile. LOL. Saying to your buddy - "Hey look, it's that one old thing..." is a lot more fun than thinking to your inner-buddy "Hey look, it's that one old thing...". But I was determined to do Rome differently than most and I ended up with a nice little adventure for sure...
The Michael Jackson story at the beginning is still the only television news story I've seen about it. That has to be crazy to those of you in the states that are so sick of it by now. I've read maybe 2 stories online, but spent all my time working on the site and then had to go. I can't tell you how surreal it is for a news junkie like me to be completely missing the entire "feel" for it. At least I'll have an interesting "where were you when you heard..." story.
You know what else is interesting? How much of a buffoon I am.
How do you get all the way here without remembering about the Vatican. LOL. I mean, on the subway after spending a night in Rome and still - nada. I'm looking at all these nuns and priests and am completely baffled. I step of the subway and then go:  "OHHHHHHH YEAH".
I guess I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. :-)
So Rome was definitely Rome...
But feel free to google the rest of the stuff - 'cause what the hell is the point of taking pictures of attractions like this and then showing them to people? I never got that. Like I get taking pictures of yourself there - but even those tend to be boring and cookie cutter. That's why you bitches can make fun of my self-matrix shots all you want, but this is fuckin cool:

'Cause it's just weird. And no one would actually pose a face like that, but I was concentrating on the little monitor on the camera and making sure I got the stuff behind me in the spin. Then you throw it in the computer and you're like - well hey, that's kind cool. Me lookin' all ANGRY at the Colisseum. Damnit is it 1 L or 2 Ls I'm pretty much gonna write it wrong the entire entry, so get used to it.

So I paid my 12 Euro to get into that, but didn't see anything else from the inside. I had to go into the Collisseum (well one of these spellings will be right) for my Running in Rome clip (which is becoming an expensive little video to put together for a fuggin' 1 minute Journey video - sheeesh). Instead of all the touristy stuff I decided to just get lost in Rome and found an apartment complex having a party and I guess I looked ethnic enough to belong 'cause they offered me a beer...
...and I smiled at the audacity of coming all the way to Rome and chillin' at a Sunday afternoon party. And yeah, it's Italian beer, felt I should take a picture of it - but goddamn it all tastes the same to me. Hung out there for a couple of hours, took video of me dancing in the bathroom 'cause the lighting was cool and creepy in the apartment complex and then made my way around Rome some more...
I mean, don't get me wrong - I enjoyed the sites, the old things were really old and cool... but for example, these clouds? THAT made me whip out the camera. You know? I was like - OOOH those look cool. I'm just strange I guess. The majority of people would think I wasted my day because I didn't go into all the museums, etc. and I had far more fun meeting some locals and trying to communicate. Far more fun getting really lost in some neighborhoods and then stumbling into the Pantheon and finding my way again. Far more fun watching how completely ridiculous some of the Italian men look here. Like that kid in Greece who thought the glasses made him look feminine... he was a GLADIATOR next to these guys. I know I'm a hopeless 'cause when it comes to fashion - but holy shit. If this is fashion then I'm totally cool wearing the same jeans and shirt the rest of my life. It just looks like a bunch of conformist shit to me 'cause they all look the same. What's the point? Be original, bitches.
Which I thought this dude was until I saw 4 other people use the exact same supplies and techniques further down the road. LOL. However, it doesn't stop it from being a pretty cool skill even if you're just spray painting over stencils. And the dude does it soooooooo fast. Good times.
So there it is. My last full touristy day and onto the train tomorrow. Think I'll write some randoms on the train and make some goofy video while I'm on it. I can't waste all these cool locations. When am I gonna be on a train from Rome to Venice again?