12:20 AM, Friday, June 26th, 2009:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Venice...
Heh. But seriously, this feels like a big prank. At any point in any of your lives did this come to mind when you heard Venice?
As I mentioned in the last entry I booked myself at a youth hostel near the airport. Ends up - it's a friggin' campground. I literally feel like I walked into the movie Meatballs. All the summer-camp activities abound (there's even a TOGA party tomorrow), and other than the fact that everyone speaks a different language - you'd have no way of knowing you were in Italy.
I mean, honestly? Kinda cool. You know? Like - why the hell not? I never got to go to a summer camp as a kid, so this is kinda fun. A shuttle leaves every hour to the heart of Venice (20 minute ride) for $2. Sounds good to me. People kinda freaked when I said I was staying at a hostel on Facebook, but I assure you - this is livin' LARGE after some of the situations I've been in. And I could really care less about sharing a bathroom. Seriously, I was so desperate to take a shower when I got here - I would've done it in a hippie-commune on national television.

As well, 9 Euro gets me this "Doge". Each side could technically house 3 people, but I'm lucky to be by myself. I have power so I can write my entries and charge my shit. Internet access would be nice of course, but I'm so close to being home now that if I have to wait until then to upload everything, I think it'll be OK. I seriously have to be the hardest working video-blogger ever. The amount of shit I've created this month is painful. I really do wish I could relax a bit - but there's just too many stories to tell.

Had someone email me about how it must be nice to go to all of these countries and see that everyone really is the same no matter where they're from. The sentiment is of course true - but do you really have to travel to understand that? I don't want to sound rude to anyone who actually did figure that out by traveling, but didn't Sesame Street teach you that shit? LOL. Ever watch multi-ethnic kids play together before they're taught to be racist? There's all you need to know. Save your money. By the way - this isn't directed at the person who wrote the email AT ALL... it just occured to me that some people actually have to travel to understand human nature. The only thing I've ever found that sets people apart is religion. And then, it's really only people that are so fundamentalist they think there way is the right way for EVERYONE. But that's got nothin' to do with what country you're from.
But the French are rude as fuck. :-)
Alright - onto the REAL Venice tomorrow. Unless this really is a new episode of "SUPER PUNKED" and it ends up we're in Ohio. That would've been one helluva fast flight though.