10:33 PM, Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009:
I can't make this shit up. If this isn't the real deal, and the moment I've worked for my entire life, than the Journey Gods are a bunch of fucks. Cruel, cruel fucks.
So I woke up after writing the last entry a little hesitant. At the moment it's locked, but only because I'm a little pussy and the webmaster in me will make it public when I finally get to a stable internet connection. My concern was, as it usually is when I really start to believe, that it will be taken from me. Nothing has been signed, anything can vanish. I'm also on the other side of the world and it's starting to feel like Comedy Central was a dream.
I decided that Agistri was too special just to visit - so I packed up and moved there for a couple days. I checked into my hotel once I get on the island, and as I go to walk up the stairs I see the name of the restaurant that I'm staying above...
Really. I stand in amazement that of all the countries, of all the islands, of all the hotels... but I let it pass. I mean, it's great for The Journey, but in my day-to-day life I'm not so damned romantic about things. It's a coincidence - a really cool one - but a coincidence nonetheless. After a long shower, I sit on the bed, about to get a nap and I see the remote for the TV...
I actually looked up to the heavens and said: "REALLY?" and as is commonplace with my constant PMS state, started to cry. I will only be able to prove this to you when I get back to LA, but it's the 4tvs remote. A slight bit smaller - but the exact same Sharp TV from 1998/1999 that I bought over a decade ago. I had never seen a remote with even the same colors since and always kept one of the four remotes in my desk at home because they felt almost magical to me. I could stand back and hit one button, and all four of them would come on. I bought those 4tvs with every ounce of my jumping ability at the time and every single time I used that remote I thought of how much courage it took to make 4tvs.
And here I am, the other side of the world, above the fucking ALTEREGO restaurant, and it's THIS TV from the 90s? I looked at that remote for minutes trying desperately to find a logical way to let this go - but after the day I had yesterday? It's a throw your hands up type of situation. As I said at the top - if this isn't "it" than the Journey Gods are cruel mofos. Any idea how many brands of televisions there are? Any idea how old this TV is?!!? FUCK. ALTEREGO!?!? Ahhh but it doesn't end there... I went down and got their little brochure for their hotel/restaurant/bar? Guess what the fucking color scheme is:
Come... onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. (red/blue/green/yellow has been the egos/trinitrons color scheme since 2001). I sat at the earlier and told the mother and two daughters that run the place about the name of my show, Adam & The Egos, and they were so blown away they bought me a drink. It was funny 'cause only the daughters spoke english well enough to understand it., so when I told one she would turn to her mother and repeat with astonishment it in Greek. I mentioned the color scheme thingee and I'm sure at that point they thought I was full of shit. I gave them the info to find the videos on the site, so at some point they'll put it all together. Absolutely mind-blowing.
Alright, I'm headin' back down to the restaurant - just had to come up and write. Oh and I'm sure some of you are wondering (and some are decidedly not wondering) - but I'm not picking up a thing with the language barriers on this island. You take my ability to communicate away and my super-powers are gonnnnnne. It's like Kryptonite Island for Adam. LOL. All the better, this is my time... and I have a tendency to give a bit too much to others. Not on this island.
This island is for me. Well, and as you've seen, The Journey Gods...