Saturday, June 20th, 2009:
Goodbye Paris, goodbye Adam…
"...we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when…."
Sounds like the ending of wonderful French movie, bur no, it's just the ending of a spectacular week of getting to know one of the sweetest, dearest men I will forever call my friend. Yes, saying goodbye this morning isn't without a tear in my heart, many actually, but as he was putting up the video, he stopped and came out on the balcony of the tiniest room in Paris, just to hug me and he was crying too...
It's time for us both to continue our journeys….but what a stop along the way! We both learned a lot about each other and about ourselves.
I will miss the looks we got from younger women, as we sat in restaurants, who wondered about the dynamics going on between the handsome young man and the attractive older woman flirting with each other in the corner booth. I will miss the lovely Italian restaurant where Isabel served us the BEST pizza we'd ever had….our BEST NIGHT! I will miss singing with him along the streets of Paris, after having too much wine...
...and laughing, that, I think I will miss most about him and us together.
I leave today with a renewed passion for life and living each and everyday for now. Adam, thank you for encouraging me to jump - I will be forever grateful.
June 2009