7:45 PM, Friday, June 19th, 2009:
WOW. Stop the muh-fuggin' presses:  unexpected entry time. How incredible was that graveyard!?!?!
Never been the goth-type, not obsessed with death (except my own, ever since I dreamed my death date as a kid: July 13th, 2057). I went to Père-Lachaise to see Morrison's grave and fell absolutely in love with this place. It's hundreds upon hundreds of gravesite's from over hundreds and hundreds of years... seemingly as far as the eye can see. You can climb all around the place like a giant playground. And everything is so intricate and fascinating... you wish you could die and see your funeral (one was ending when we got there) 'cause it's absolutely out of a movie.

I am a big Doors/Morrison fan so the fact that his grave isn't the lasting memory for me should attest to how awesome this place is. I was just so completely not expecting to do anything but go in, take video of the site, and go grab some food. But while searching for it I found myself completely enamored. I could've spent the entire day there.

And then in a random mosaleum I panned my camera around and voila:
My birthday. BADASS. It was just one of the coolest places ever. Can you imagine this place at night as a kid with a flashlight or some shit? OMFG. I want to be 10! I want to have an excuse to do that shit. HAHAHA.
As it was I absolutely felt the joy of being a kid again discovering something that gets your creative juices flowing. Every moment my eye could take in felt like another shot for the video. It may rank as one of the most cinematic places I've ever stood. And to think we almost didn't go! Sooooooooooo perfect. Sooooooooooo unexpected - and exactly what trips like this are about. Finding things you didn't know you'd miss. What a fun video to put together. This is actually the original song The Doors remade for "Severed Garden". It's Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor:
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
For the Morrison fans out there, this was framed and laying on his headstone, was able to zoom in and get a pic of it. It's in French, so it may take some work to translate on babelfish - but I thought I'd put it up here for the die-hards:
Alright, NOW I can leave Paris. Wow, wow, wow. That was awesome.