7:35 PM, Tuesday, June 16th, 2009:
It goes without saying that Mombasa to Paris is a bit of a culture shock. Actually shock is way too strong, as I mentioned in my first entry from Nairobi - nothing really shocked me. And even as I was "ready to leave" by the end... it was more that I had other options, and wanted to take them. All about options really. So watching the roadside in a 1st world country compared to a 3rd world country is just another experience. If you lived a completely sheltered life and never empathized with the rest of the world, you may consider it shocking... but to me there was simply beauty in the juxtaposition...
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
Longtime readers may remember this specific soundtrack from Japan in 2005. I had gotten the "Twickenham sessions" at some underground music shop in Shinjuku and mixed a bit of it with sounds of the train. Being that this entry literally IS "the one after 909" I figured it was a nice tie-in. There are so many wonderful little hidden gems in this project. I love that people happen upon random stories and write me about them. I hope that never ends...
Today, I also finally figured out the rest of my trip - and I pulled a mini-hail mary with a trip to Greece. Being greek, I'm thrilled that I was able to find such cheap tickets. Seriously? Farecrawler.com is unlike anything I've ever seen. You can pull off two one-way tickets, for the same price as one round-trip. I was able to go from Paris to Athens for 5 days, then Athens to Venice for 5 days - for $360. That's just unbelieveable. If you did them seperately? It'd be over $1000. I don't know if it's a flaw with the site, but you hit round trip - and then change the "return" destination... it just works. I am bummed however that I won't be able to visit my German Journey Player in Hamburg 'cause I'm so friggin' close, but it was Greece or Germany, and even she said: "Adam, go to Greece." LOL.
Man, I want so badly to friggin' say what's been on my mind here although it's still a secret kind of.... GRRR. How 'bout this: I've completely written it, the framework for it - it's all done in my head. I see it, and it's gonna be incredible. It's going to be incredible. I mentioned it to my old producer Jim at CBS and he straight up said - you're going to change television. I don't know about all that - but I'm BUZZING. I have never been more prepared to explode in my life. Everything is lined up and it works on SO MANY LEVELS! It's everything. It's going to showcase everything, seemingly effortlessly and my favorite part: unlike anyone has ever seen or attempted before. To those who can't understand what I'm talking about exactly, I'm so so sorry - but I don't want to lock any entries in June, and I'd be crazy to act like this hasn't been on my mind the entire time. But my process as a writer (did this with the Trinitrons shows too) is to just sit and "Imaginate". I kinda see it in my head, and watch the characters, watch the movement - and see what works. It takes some time... but you get to a moment where it all clicks. Finally, about a week ago, it did. And the rest is gravy. I feel the tone of it, I see the pacing, and it is layered all over the place. It'll be digestable in tiny bits, as a full show, and there'll be a running story throughout all the shows strung together if you were to watch a full season on DVD. I'm PACING in anticipation. I cannot wait to get back.
OK, I just reread that and it's all over the place. LOL. So hard trying to generically explain things, but looking back on everything in a couple of years it'll make sense...
...and wow - can you imagine how much this month is gonna stand out?!!? I keep looking at the month page in awe. It's sooooooooo much to digest. So many colors, so much going on - WAHOO!!! And so many people unsubscribing!!!! LMAO. To which I have to giggle, because if you don't find this shit interesting? I am out, of, tricks. It's actually been nice to whittle down the list, and to be able to de-friend some people that just make me feel bad. I don't mean to be so melodramatic as to de-friend, but unsupportive people actually hurt. They just do. I don't mean apathetic people - that's cool. But people whom you support, that are continually rude BACK to you and want nothing to do with you... ya just have to rid yourself from that type of energy. 'Cause I don't know how to be UNsupportive of friends. I just don't. I try and click everyone's videos, vote for anything they need, comment on whatever will help... I know how hard it is. And giving that type of energy to people that continually make it clear they don't have time to hit "join group"... it's really a downer. Alas, in this virtual world, you can hit "mute".
And for the first time in my life, I don't feel bad doing it. It takes a strange sort of strength to be a "pussy". You know? LOL. That's funny. But strength isn't always having a tough skin and taking abuse/rudeness, etc. Strength is also having the ability to say: "No, you hurt my feelings, and it doesn't feel good." It goes back to what I said in the last entry: "I'm worth it." A shift is occuring. It's an incredible feeling.
As has been these days in Paris. We just laugh and laugh and laugh. I'm working on "Paris, Frandoms" for my final entry from here on Thursday (as I'm giving Ann the last word Friday, 'cause #908 was the sweetest thing ever), and there's just so many incredibly cool little stories to tell. Funnnnnnnnnn.
Happier than I've ever been in my freaking life,