entry uploaded 06.11.09 - video uploaded 06.13.09
9:45 PM, Tuesday, June 9th, 2009:
Wow. I just arrived in paradise. Malindi might be my secret getaway if I'm ever rich and famous. Stunningly beautiful and hardly a tourist to be spotted. And the warmest water I've ever been in. The Indian Ocean is unbelieveable, as was this day. I mentioned in my last Facebook status that I felt a little Adamana Jones coming on because this place felt so much like a mix between Cairo in Raiders of the Lost Ark and India in Temple of Doom. Linda helped me get a few shots and with a little John Williams I got to be Harrison for a day...
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.

How gorgeous right? The music makes it so melodramatic. But it really felt like I was walking around an Indiana Jones set. And really, I just want a record of this shit so I can even believe I did it. It still seems strange for this guy I've been reading about in "The Journey" to be in these far-off locations. Kinda fun.


It's incredible how the music changes the shots though. Without the music the stuff with the kids borders on creepy -- throw in some John Williams and I'm suddenly the most adorable man in the world. LOL. Oh wait, there's more...


...he cares about the children AND the animals!!! Hahahaha. It was just all the stuff I saw around town. Trash everywhere and stray animals that are hours from death are just part of that.


The other thing that makes Malindi so "Indiana Jonesish" is a huge muslim community. Felt very Egyptian. Unfortunately we don't seem to stay any place long enough for it to not feel extremely foreign. Like, by the end of my 10 days in Japan it all felt pretty commonplace to me. Not so for this trip. Sure am packin' a lot in though...


So it was off to the Indian Ocean and just unbridalded beauty. Linda and I paid 4 dudes 500 shillings a piece ('bout $7) to take us out for a bit and it was just... hard to describe, you know? Like, that was the moment I was really aware how far I had travelled. Had I wanted to "go home"... it would take 2 days. I mean, just 15 hours just to get back to Nairobi. It's both freeing and frightening at the same time considering just how much is waiting for me in LA.


But today I was SUPERMAN! Hahaha. I jumped in the water to help them push the boat back for no other reason than to be a goofy tourist. You know what's funny about the entries? I kill myself to make a gorgeous video of a memory and then spend the entire entry ripping myself to pieces. LOL. I felt like the 1 of the 2 fat dudes in City Slickers that taped each other being "cowboys". Although I have to admit, one shot... I look kinda cool. I'm gonna make the picture super-big so hang tight...

A childhood scar (actually at birth when my lung collapsed 'cause I was a super-premie - I'm just full of stories come to think of it) ANYWAY, a childhood scar and a strategic placement of the boat over my flabby stomach makes me look RIPPED. LOL.
I'm just so freaking happy. This has to be somewhat annoying to continue to read, but I can't say it enough. I've had a very, very, very hard couple of years and the real difference with this trip? My mind isn't stressing on how to further my career. "The Fight" as I've called it in previous songs is something that never leaves my head. The constant underachieving I feel like I've done just eats at me. I'm finally not underachieving. Which means I can finally breathe deep. Bigger challenges ahead, but at least I can breathe.
Lovin'. Life.