12:52 PM, Sunday, June 7th, 2009:
It's just now occuring to me that these are kinda backwards (with the sunrise being the last of the 3 entries). However, when you take a 3-Day safari, that's actually the only way you can do it because you usually spend the whole day driving on Day 1, so the Game Drive is just the end of the day. Then a full day on Day 2, and of course the morning Game Drive on the final day before you head back. However for the video I decided to do it as one full day, sunrise, midday, sunset - and then record a new song for the whole thing. Hell yes -- I recorded a song in Africa. I've now recorded in Japan and Kenya. That makes me some sort of worldwide recording artist doesn't it? That, or some dude with a laptop and a microphone. Introducing Zimonamonay...
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
That's gotta be a bitch for those that can't see or hear that yet. I'll go ahead and link to the mp3 that I'll also never be able to upload from here. (sigh) But assuming you're reading at some far off-point: HOW FUN IS THIS?!?! Godddddddddddddd how I love putting videos together to tell stories. What an extraordinary 3 entries!
Now, for the day -- and that gorgeous sunrise:
I'm sure the lack of sleep is gonna catch up with me (I seem to get one nice run and then a bunch of 3 hour naps), but what a gorgeous thing to witness. The animals seemed to appreciate it as well. Mr. Buffalo for one:
He's goin': "That is one damn fine sunrise." The zebras were big fans:
Linda has this obsession with Zebras (including on our way to the safari making the driver stop so she could run after them). I swear girl, they're horses with stripes. WTF. And they're also everywhere. You see them on the side of the road like cows/horses back in the states. The one obsession I did agree with her on were the giraffes...
They are striking. Much like I remember when seein' them at a zoo of course, but again - in the wild, doin' their thing... it's just breathtaking. And Judy finally pointed out to us what made them seem so graceful when they walked. You can see it in the video, but even here with this giraffe that crossed in front of us when we were driving...

...they walk like humans. Both right legs go forward and then both left legs go forward. What a strange little quirk of the animal kingdom huh?

But they definitely put you in awe with how tall and graceful they were as they passed right by you, and all around you. And that really is the spectacular thing about these days - it's 360 degrees. You're whippin' your head all over to try and catch everything. You're literally in the middle of it all.

Of course I kept climbing out of the van and sitting on the roof (much to my mother's chagrin as she's reading this from home) 'cause it was just unbelieveable to be right in the midst of everything.


Ran across some more elephants bright and early in the morning. Just as close and just as awe inspiring. Though more than the awe of the elephants themselves are the setting they're in. Can you get a feel for how VAST and open it is around them? Lemme find a better shot...

Just as far as the eye can see. And tons of them too. That's the other thing, when do you ever see 20 of one animal at the zoo?
Again, I haven't the slightest idea how to meter myself with these pictures. Everywhere you would look there would be more. I'll just throw in a bunch of random ones from all three days that didn't make it in and call it a night.

I believe this is a waterback. I also believe I may be full of shit. Pretty animal nonetheless.


It's wrong to be sexually attracted to an animal, right? Seriously, look at those legs. I'm not sure what my next move would be after that, so I guess I'm out of luck. But those are some sexy legs. Then again, I have eaten ostrich. Gamey.


For Jess and every other Family Guy fan out there who pissed themselves at this scene:
"Jackyl, is it a jackyl? Jackyl. It looks like a jackyl. Is it a Jackyl? A jackyl! It's a Jackyl."
In this case, it is most definitely a jackyl.

Lion gettin' his stretch on. Word.


Some turkey lookin' thing. Pretty colors though.


WHAT? Heh.


The gazelle were cool. They moved their legs, ears and tail so fast they literally seemed like they were in fast forward. Bizarre.


Oh wook at the wittle fucker. Haven't the slightest idea what that thing on his side is. But he stood up long enough to turn around and then plop back down asleep. :-)

Haven't the slightest. He shall be called, "The Mudduck".


I think the driver called this one a fish eagle? I don't know. OH - our driver! IT WAS FREAKING HOOTIE. Sorry, Darius Rucker from Hootie & The blowfish. Check this shit out:
So bummed he had this hat on - he actually had a Miami Dolphins hat when we first met him. LOL. If I'm the only one who knows Hootie & The Blowfish history, Darius Rucker (the lead singer, not actually Hootie -- but what does he expect with that bandname) was a huge fan of the The Dolphins and was even able to do a video with Dan Marino. So again, it was a crazy coincidence because nobody here knows who the hell Hootie & The Blowfish were.

And finally, as we were driving back into camp... the "Dikdik". This little deer lookin' thingee that was so unbelieveably small. I'd venture to say CeBe is bigger than this thing, and apparently they're full grown. Crazy.

Alright, I now get to try and upload 8 mb (which here might as well be 8 gigs) consisting of 63 pictures, four at a time because of how messed up this particular internet cafe is. The SCREEN can't show the rest of my upload spaces for my site because it's filled with ads. Yes, the freaking desktop is filled with ads that go OVER whatever your doing. Genius. It's also the slowest computer I've used since the 90s and wouldn't ya know? Dial-up speeds. Then it's off to Mumbai to see if we can't grab a story and check out the Indian Ocean.
So. Freaking. Cool.
PS - no internet until Thursday, and even that may be difficult to pull off. However, on Friday I will be in Paris and can finally take some time online to answer all the emails and just maybe get these freaking incredible videos up. Had no idea internet speeds would be such an issue.