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<Originally written on pen & paper, transcribed on June 7th>

12:15 AM, Saturday, June 6th, 2009:

What an amazing day. I might as well just replace the pictures and video and post the exact same entry from yesterday. First up, I'll give you the video first, so you're not skimmin' like crazy to find it. :-)
 If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
How fun. It was just such a fun/funny day. From planes to elephants to hippos to me actually having an altercation with a monkey who was stealing my banana. Africa. Word.

Judy has completely surprised both me and Linda with her brutal sense of humor (she's giving me shit in the picture for turning the camera on myself). LOL. I try to explain "The Journey", but it's a futile attempt to try and deny narcissism with this project. Cute picture though. I can hear her now "Look at you coming all the way to Africa to take a picture of yourself." LOL.

Alright, how 'bout this:
We were seriously so close to these elephants that Judy (who has been on several safaris) was actually scared. Linda and I went into journalist mode and were hangin' out of every side of that van trying to get the best shot. The driver actually started to move the car and Linda and I flipped out! "WAIT!!" Judy said: "IF THE DRIVER THINKS IT'S BEST TO MOVE. TRUST HIM." hahahahaha.

It's almost impossible to choose what to put in this entry because simply every shot is perfect when you're this goddamned close. Actually, one of the elephant walking away is my favorite...

Yes Barbara, that screams for copy on the left and would make a good cover for the Participant Newsletter. What have you done to me woman? The 9-5 gig still rattles around in my brain from time to time. :-)

We actually came across something really cool that we were hoping would turn into more. These lions were right in our road and were clearly hungry as you could see them stalking down a warthog a good 200 yards away...


...but just a few feet away to our left was this gazelle hiding like a mofo scared out of it's mind. You'd better believe we ALL wanted to see that thing get EATEN. I don't care how cute they are, to be a few feet from a kill like that? WOW. We were told by the driver however that it could take alllllllllllllllll day and we ended up having to leave to get to everything else. DAMN.

So we stopped off at this place, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but which housed an airport where the "rich people" fly in for a safari. Kinda cool really. We had a pitstop here and then on our way to see the hippos we picked up this dude with a big-ass machine gun and it ended up he was not going to kill us all. Splendid. Instead he took us to one of the Tanzania/Kenya border monuments which I was happy to stand on and strike a pose:
"No Judy, I'm not narcissistic, I'm simply the Christ"
Hahaha. It's funny how taking a still from a video changes the tone completely. I was being goofy... but with the right captions -- HA. Here: "I AM WHITE MAN, STAND BEFORE ME!". LOL. You could have a ball with that one.
Anyway, the military man with the big-ass machine gun took us around to the hippos... which were surprisingly pretty cool.

All just chillin' on the bank of the river. Notice how far away that alligator is? Smart Alligator. These things would destroy him. Apparently their skin is so slimey and fishlike from spending so much time in the water that an alligator can't get a good grip.


There's some hippos behind me. We were actually directly across from some, but I wanted to show the angle of the river. Just as gorgeous as you can imagine.


Throughout the trip I've found myself just grabbin' Linda's hand and thanking her. I would never, ever, ever have come to Africa had it not been somewhere she wanted to go. She kept trying to get me to go to India where she currently lives and though I knew I wanted to take a big trip (to spur 2000 Adam to keep going for the movie) India was NOT where I wanted to go. She said Africa and I jumped. I can't begin to thank her enough because I've just had the time of my life...kickin' monkey ass.

These little thieves are everywhere. They're all over our campsite constantly trying to take your shit. You hide your money from these bitches, not humans. But I think they're freaking adorable and get the biggest kick out of them. That was before one ran right up to my lunch and grabbed my banana with his mouth and both arms. I proceeded to pick up the other end of it and attempt to grab it away and ended up PICKING HIM UP and starting this tug of war while yelling: "Yo DAWG! No dawg, no! Gimme my banana!" It only took me about 5 seconds to realize how stupid this exchange was. All he had to do was grab my arm instead of the banana and bite me, give me rabies, and I die. So he won. Kinda proud at him for having that kinda balls.

I later gave his friend one just to get it on film. What I would've GIVEN to have someone capture the initial "attack". I must have held him up and down 3 or 4 times before realizing how incredibly moronic it was to risk getting bitten. Fun shit though. But seriously, they're everywhere...

...it's like we're in Africa or some shit. :-)
As the day came to a close, we were all beat. You'd think sitting in a van all day wouldn't do that to ya - but it's really intense. And also bumpy as shit. Ooh, lemme get the lizard shot in here:

Cooooooooooooooooooool. I think all those colors mean stay the fuck away. So we all got as close as we could to take pictures (sigh). People are dumb.

Alright, it's hella-late and we wake up at 6:15 to do the final day. I still have a bunch of pictures left, but since tomorrow is a half-day I should be able to squeeze everything into the final entry. Oooh, and I'll be able to do it on a LAPTOP. Pen & Paper is romantic and all, but my handwriting blows, and now my fingers ache since I haven't held a pen this much since high school.
Goodbye pen. Goodnight Journey.