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<Originally written on pen & paper, transcribed on June 7th>

7:15 AM, Friday, June 5th, 2009:

I am completely speechless. Yesterday may have been the coolest thing I've ever done in my entire life. OMFG LOOK AT THIS PICTURE:
That is a STILL from a VIDEO. That's how close we were, that's how incredible it was. It was like a live-action pokemon game. I had NO IDEA a safari was basically hunting with cameras. Trying to catch the animals at the right time, etc. Totally addictive and... being 10 feet away from them with no glass between you? Granted you're in a vehicle, but wow. Theter's no way this isn't at least two entries and videos. We have an entire day on a game drive later today, and then a final morning one tomorrow. In fact, there you go: Safari Sunset, Safari Midday, Safari Sunrise. Christ I'm gonna be pushing 25 entries this month. I usually hate doing more than 10 'cause it leads people to miss so much, but there's no other way to do this. if you skim through June 2009, you will miss a bunch. Now onto the video...
If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HD" button... incredible.
I know right? I can't even believe I took that. I actually think I'm going to sell some of those shots to istock.com since they're in HD. Looks like freaking national geographic shit. Planet Earth in the HIZZY. I'm just stunned. There's tons more, but I'm gonna do a more encompassing video next entry - I just knew I had to have a singular video on YouTube of those lions. I will of course go through a few of the pics of the evening. Again, these are all stills from my video camera...
When I was a young WARTHOG!!! :-) These little bitches were funny as hell freaking out the other animals. Fast as hell.

At first we were all stoked to get this close to a sleeping lion. Little did we know what we had in store. BTW, "we" is me, Linda and Judy. We actually hired our own driver who took as all over. It felt pretty special in comparison to a tour group. Props to Linda and Judy for setting this all up while I was passed out when I first got in to Nairobi.


This is one of the few shots where you can actually see the inside of the vehicle. Most were way too dark because of the brightness of outside, but Linda got a good one here.

Linda and I are such nerds. We both stopped the driver when we saw this and Judy was like: "Crazy Americans, it's a fucking tree." HAHAHA. But come on, that's cool. However when you're minutes away from this...
...you see her point. Seein' these things in the wilderness, at this distance, with your own eyes, is absolutely a "bucket list" item.

Wow. How cool. Love Sihlouettes. And all of this is incredibly breathtaking until you see what happened next. We come upon some lions waking up. They just happen to be on a raised mound which literally makes them eye level. I crouched down and hung out the lower window (instead of the viewing space up top) and pulled off some of the most stunning footage I've ever taken...

Seriously, catching these lions at "magic hour" as they were waking up was an incredible stroke of luck that I don't believe we'll top even in the next two days.
And remember, these aren't pictures. These are stills from my video. I'm so, so, so fortunate to have bought this camera 2 years ago. It allows me to not have to go back and forth and possibly miss something amazing with video since the stills look this incredible. And the original images are over twice as big.
Let me introduce Simba, the safest lioncub in the world. :-)
Wook at 'em. AWWWWW. It was an amazing 10 minutes of my life watching them all clean themselves and each other but soon we were off again to catch the sunset.
Gorgeous as was everything yesterday. The video is just the lions right now, but that's because in reality, you can all pick up Planet Earth and watch everything I just showed you be blown to hell.

That's why I have the goofy Matrix shot... wait, didn't include that - I'm gonna do an all encompasing later. But I have to attempt to personalize the footage so it resonates differently than every other piece of wildlife footage you may see. And hey, it's my journal in the end. I want to look back and read what it feels like, and what I looked like throughout all the insanity around me. And though I kinda stern in the shot right here, I'm just focusing on the shot and there isn't a more peaceful man on the planet. Guaranteed.

Alright, we're already in the car for Day 2. What will that bring!?