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11:53 PM, Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009:
Man, I did not intend on writing an entry every day but so much is happening, it's hard to skip over things. I assume this will die down at some point, but it looks like I'll have 20 entries this month. And it just hit me that I would only need 14 entries a month the rest of the year to hit 1000 on January 2nd - the 10 year anniversary. With all that will be happening this year (hell even the 4-square entries this summer), that's easily doable... and absolutely destroys what I'm about to announce the next entry. LOL. I'll deal with that tomorrow, for now - welcome to Nairobi:
 If your computer can handle it (meaning it doesn't stutter once it's loaded) click the "HQ" button.
So far jet-lag has trumped culture shock as I'm too tired to be too surprised by the surroundings, but maybe I just won't be 'cause it's not the first time I've seen this type of poverty -- even if it is my first time in person. If this lack of shock continues however, I may just have to take my place as the world's most empathetic man. 'Cause I do take what I see on tv and the internet to heart. When I see injustices, etc. I do feel them. So it's like I've been here before, just in higher definition.
Linda was pretty excited to pick me up and because getting a visa took so long at one point she figured I wasn't coming. She bounced up and down which made her stand out even more than the white skin. :-) Then it was onto the cab...
First thing that catches you is the complete lack of roads. The majority of what you drive on is dirt and since it had just rained, it was pretty rough. The whole left side of the road thing is pretty much a suggestion as every free space that's available is immediately taken by the next speeding car. Think Manhattan without laws.
If you look over to the right you can see the little shanties that sell all sorts of stuff. It's just packed with nearly every square inch being taken up with people walking... or honestly just sitting there watching. And the stares Linda and I got, even from within the cab, were pretty awesome. White is like being a celebrity in Nairobi... except nobody smiles. LOL. I assume I am a target and I act accordingly.

Finally got to the couchsurfing host's house and Judy was cordial as can be. She lives with her boyfriend Roomba who was also warm and inviting. Both speak english (as well as a million other languages) and Judy in particular has a helluva grasp on it. Joking as anyone our age would. After a little nap (of about 9 hours) in the middle of the day she took Linda and I out to a bar to eat, drink and talk. Before I joined them I stopped off at an internet cafe...


...which is every bit dial-up and every bit infuriating. Forget videos -- I only think I was able to get my 2 London entries up with pictures (they were closing and at the very end I emailed Gordon the actual entries and still have no idea if that even went through). It was cheap however. 30 shillings for a half-hour (40 cents), but it took that long to do 5 minutes of work. We are going on safari for the next 3 days and I won't have internet until Sunday at which point I believe I'm going to be there all goddamned day.


I met up with them at the bar and must admit I was just giddy. How fun is it to experience another culture like this with someone who grew up here? This is why I was ranting about couchsurfing.com so much in the last entry. THIS is how I tried to do Japan, and would've had 10 times the experience if it was with someone who actually lived there. Oh and dinner! All I can think of is how unsanitary some of you will find this, but I was in heaven.


Meat that has been out for who knows how long on a wooden slab outside. You pick your meat, they cook it and bring it to you with a bit of salt...


These are horrible pics from my pocket-cam but we ended up with about 5 times this much for around $9. Just sprinkle a little salt on a piece that they cut for you and pop it in your mouth. So much food. That and a beer? Perfect. Carbs? What are carbs. It freaking rocked.

The guy to the far right actually had a machine gun over his shoulder. He was in riot gear 'cause there was a pretty big up-rising between two tribes in town today. One lady was killed. I'll be honest though... it doesn't really phase you. You pay attention to your business, not theirs. It's Big-City Living 101. Mind your business.
Well, tomorrow is set and The Journey will be going "pen & paper" for the first time since I wrote about the death of my grandmother while flying out to see her on her deathbed in 2000. Never posted those. It's funny, at the time that seemed like it was too personal for the site. I just read the entries the other day and wished I had posted them. I may next year sometime. Anyway, I look forward to being able to use my HD cam a bunch and not this little flip beyotch. It's great for convenience, but I hate goin' back in quality.
Alright - driver gets here at 6am, and I have to try and get some sleep.